's 2016 Horror Write-off:

I saw it, I heard it

Submitted by Chamjari (email)

I saw it, I heard it

When I was nine, I visited my friend's house. His name is Kendall and his mother's name is Penny. They still live nearby. Kendall's father Bill had recently passed. Kendall was an adopted child. He was nine.

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They had a large ranch-style house with a swimming pool and owned a family of about ten blonde labradors that went in and out through a side door off the kitchen that led to the pool, as they pleased. This gave the house a particular scent; a mix of cigarette, dog, and chlorine. I was visiting to spend the night with Kendall because our moms were friends and frequently exchanged child care-taking duties to let the other take a weekend off. As children of the same age, Kendall and I swam, jumped on the trampoline, threw throwing stars at an old fence, and played Atari, fueling ourselves with Popsicles and homemade fried potato wedges. We even went trick-or-treating in July (bags half as big as Halloween, but still a success).

The next day, when we woke up, two or three dogs on our beds each...

We got bored and decided to use Kendall's new Parker Brothers Ouija board in a large walk-in closet just outside his room. This was a huge closet and housed all the clothing his parents had ever accumulated. Bill had gotten rich in his business and the ranch house reflected his wealth through size. His older sister Ann Catherine had her friend Christi over so we invited them to play. They had just woken up and were laughing so they might have thought spooking younger kids could be fun. We were surprised that older girls wanted to play with us but we all went into the closet.

We were surrounded by three levels of hung clothing. We turned the lights off and only used a Clicker Kid's flashlight for illumination. We sat on the floor in a circle; Kendall Durham, Ann Catherine Durham, Christie Cadwell, and me.

As we attempted our first contact with the spirit world, everyone giggled and placed their fingers on the planchette, the plastic upside down heart eye thing. Our first question was, "is there a ghost here?" We all waited, enveloped by the suits, dresses, shoes, and heavy winter clothing that surrounded us; dark tweed jackets and long silk dresses that seemed to be conversing. Navy blue pants hung up like people standing in line. Rows of shoes acting as tell-tales of a hiding place. The closet became smaller and crowded. Looking up, I saw a large male hand emerge and then move between the jackets, as if to feel the material or check for quality. In and out, like an invisible person in the walls, I saw this hand touch the clothing. I screamed! "Did you see that!?" I asked Kendall and Ann Catherine. . Ann Catherine said nothing and seemed baffled, but Kendall said he felt a kind of "wind." Christie got pissed off (Her cousin Shonna was always trying to pull weird tricks to make her look dumb) and opened the closet door. As light flooded our squinting eyes, I swear on my life, God, grandmother's grave, whatever, there was an audible hissing sound.