's 2016 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Jac R. B. (Jacobguy)

I don't recall the law that says you get arrested for your first speeding ticket, I mean, I've always been a little scrappy in my youth but I never assaulted anyone. Granted, I don't recall the officers in Jail looking like smoothed over weeble-wobbles with British Police uniforms and batons, or the other inmates being various monsters either, but I digress.

Its weird y'know? You'd think with these things locking you up with monsters you'd be a lot more scared, but I've really been taking it in stride. Wake up, get breakfast, do my chores and time in the courtyard isn't so bad I guess. Boring, yeah, but not bad. Actually, I think I'm the only one here to have a traditional jail cell.


Time in the courtyard is almost always entertaining at least, I mean, its kinda hard not to laugh when you watch the cartoon cat on the chalk board breach its containment long enough the whollop the pink dolphin wrapped in salt and sandpaper with an over-sized frying pan and hear it shriek with euphoric glee before the "cops" mob and beat the bazonkers out of both of them.

The only things here to ever give me trouble are my neighbors.

To my room on my right is this weird....thing...

It looks like a person, but it's too skinny. Its got nothing but weird wrinkles of skin for a face, and it's wrapped up in about 7 straight-jackets all put on over each other. It doesn't really do much except "stare" me down whenever we're "outside", and I use the term loosely (mostly because it doesn't have any eyes and there's no sky or "ceiling" either, again, odd).

One time I tried to give it one of my food rations since its food trays always seem to get slapped to the ground by the guards, whenever this happens it just sits there, staring at the tray and splattered food before the guards usher it back to its cell. Rather aggressively I might add.

When I offered, It just slowly looked up at me, and the food, but it never moved. I left the food for it and let it be after that.

My neighbor to my Left however, is a completely different story.

He's a HUGE guy, his shoulders easily taking up the space of two and a half doorways. He's in the complete Hannibal lecter getup, save for the mask. Its still there, they just put it on his Forehead instead of his mouth for some reason.

He's always talking at night.

How he's gonna punch the guards so hard that they'll only be able to say "punch" or something. One night as a Joke I spoke up to him and gave him my own piece,

"What if you punched them so hard they weebled and they wobbled and DID fall down?"

It was completely silent.

Nothing, he was silent for the rest of the night, so I went to sleep.

He didn't seem to give me his usual look of distain like he does everyone after that, it was more a confused thoughtfulness.

Almost nothing happened after that, I did my chores and kept my nose clean for the most part (if these inmates couldn't kill me with just a look I probably Would have gotten into a fight or two) and before long the guards took me in for what looked to be a hearing, for what I won't ever know since these cops are completely mute.

All I know what that before I knew it I was sitting at a desk with what appeared to be the "warden" (the only thing different about him was he was wearing a brown suit, was a Lego person yellow instead of the guard's bleach white, and had the haircut of the Journalist from the 60's Spiderman cartoon. You know the one, he's always like "GIVE ME PICTURES OF SPIDERMAN!" But again, I digress) he was holding some papers in his hands and motioned around as if he were speaking on some long winded speach, he seemed...rather aggressive about it too, leaning over the desk to get in my face sometimes and shaking his fist at some parts as he seemed to read off a file.

Thank god he never seemed to ask any answers because about halfway through something happened.

There was a loud crash and several of the guards came in, flailing frantically before being dragged out of the room.

Both i and the warden made our way to the source of the crash, he seemed to disregard me at this point thankfully.

Someone, or something had just started a jailbreak.

I saw one of the prison cells torn open horrifically. Metal and concrete peeled away and broken as if they where paper and Styrofoam respectively. I never saw what was in THAT cell, and hopefully I'll never have to, but soon after that one got out, the rest followed suit.

Inmate after inmate was escaping their containment. The cartoon, the Dolphin, some kind of thing with helicopter blades, all making their way out.

Let me say, watching a cartoon permanently flatten someone with an anvil in real life is so much more unnerving when you know there's nothing from stopping that to happen to you.

Though seeing the helicopter thing swoop down and fly off with one of the flailing guards made me laugh for some reason, can't place why.

Though, I was caught in a complete sense of awe when my big neighbor broke free of his cell. If I were any snarkier than I already am, I would have said "OOOH YEAH!" as he punched his way through the wall and plowed through guards into the courtyard.

That's where all of the chaos seemed to be collecting.

The warden "ran" back to go get more guards, but I noticed a hole in the Jail wall, so I made a break for it, weaving my way through the rioting, but soon I was caught in a standoff.

I had been stopped in a small clearing by my other neighbor, who had escaped their straight jackets.

They stared for a moment before lunging at me.

Or I thought it was me, until they tackled a gaurd who was about to clobber me with a spiked baton.

They slowly nodded their head and I to them, before running again.

I had almost made it when the big guy and the warden came tumbling by, locked in combat.

My neighbor took notice to my presence, and responded accordingly:


"Y-yeah?" I squeaked out sheepishly.


He simply pins the warden's arm behind his back to give me a free shot.

I probably would have obliged had something not stopped me.

Something that stopped me, and everything else.

Very slowly did the "sky" pulse and throb in a kaleidoscope of wrong colors.

I don't know how to describe it other than It was NOT RIGHT.

Everyone, everyTHING looked up at the sky, and slowly, at first, they started scattering like roaches, picking up speed as more an more of them ran.

They all completely ignored each other, guards, inmates, various assorted monstrosities, as the throbbing got faster, louder, more rhythmic.

It was like a heartbeat as the shifting "colors" stayed longer and longer, pain throbbing in my head like a massive itching pressure trying to force its way out.

Soon, it was only me left.

And soon, as the "Colors" filled my vision, everything would grow dark.