's 2016 Horror Write-off:

Moving On

Submitted by Anonymous

For most people, the event passed without them even realizing it. All it was to them was a sudden jump forward by thirty seconds. For others who couldn't drop what they were doing in time, there were injuries and-yes-a few deaths, but such a thing was bound to happen in ANY event that affected the entire world.

No one even knew what had happened until videos of the incident began popping up. Security footage, private recordings, live events played back, all of them showed the same thing: Every human being simultaneously acquiring the same look of awe as they slowly stopped whatever they were doing at the time. Those who could manage it stood and stared straight upward, and with one voice but thousands of languages, they all spoke the same words:

"There is nothing for me here."

... Before slowly returning to whatever they were doing before, even resuming conversations mid-word, as if nothing had happened.