's 2015 Horror Write-off:

Onto my Chest

Submitted by Dandelion Steph



They arent brests!!! They have tails!!!!!1!!!




"The meeting will be lasting much longer than I thought. I don't think I can pick up Amanda in time. Do you mind if she spends the night at your house?"


"I'll pay you extra."

I was just going to ask if she can sleep on the couch, Dan thought. "It's alright. You'll be coming early next morning for her, right?"

"If I can wake up early enough, yes."

"She will be missing you. This is an unusual circumstance, for her to be spending the night at her babysitter's house."

"I'll be there in the morning. She does like you; it can't be too hard for her. Gotta go. Bye."

With that, Amanda's mother ended the call. Dan sighed. CEOs always sounded so urgent. Or maybe it was just Amanda's mother who always sounded that way. Look on the bright side. As a CEO she can afford to pay you a lot more extra money.

Still, it weighed on his mind as he went up the stairs. How would Amanda feel about this turn of events?

He opened the door to his bedroom, where he left Amanda. Amanda's eyes brightened as he came in.

"Hi Dan K. Pham! What did Mom say?" Amanda asked.

"Just Dan will do. Oh, right, your mom. Well...she says her meeting will be lasting much longer than she thought. She wants you to stay the night at my house."

"Can you tuck people into bed? When she will be back?" Amanda spoke quickly, as she always did when she was nervous about something.

"I'm pretty sure I can. Tuck you into bed, that is," Dan replied, and then, addressing the next question, said: "She says she'll be there in the morning." If she doesn't sleep in, he thought, tastefully omitting that information for Amanda's sake.

"Which bed?"

"Oh. Uh, that one will do," Dan said, pointing to his own bed. Darn it. Guess I will have to sleep on the couch.

"Is it 9:18 PM yet?"

"No, not yet." Wow, that's an oddly specific bedtime, he thought.

"Then that means I can ask you questions!"

"Oh. Sure. Go ahead."

Amanda jumped onto his bed, chest down. "You know, I normally sleep like this," she said.

"Go on."

Amanda frowned, worried. " big sisters say that I won't be able to do that anymore."

"And why is that?"

Amanda's lips quivered. "Because...because I'll grow breasts, and you can't do that anymore once you have them."

Dan's face shifted sympathetically. "Well, I've heard that's true. But you don't need to worry about that for years. You're not even 11 yet."

"Oh." Amanda said, relieved. Unless...unless you're like that person from the Internet, Mothersdaughter22. She was developing them at just 11...apparently. Dan laughed softly to himself.

"What'cha laughing about?"

"Oh, there was this person on the Internet. She said she had leeches on her chest, and asked for help. But instead of ripping them off right there she asked the Internet what to do!"

"That's not really funny."

"Oh, I forget...people your age are used to asking the Internet for help on everything. It must seem reasonable to you."

"You're smarter than the Internet, though," Amanda said. Dan smiled. Can't say that I am, but that's sure complimentary.


After a few tries tucking Amanda into bed, he finally succeeded. He went back downstairs, picked up a thick book from beside the recliner, and read. One of his sisters was working long hours at the smoothie shop today, but never worked too late. She would be home soon. He hoped, against the promise of extra payment, that Amanda's mom would show up before morning.

Something moved at the corner of his vision. He moved his head to look at it.

There, beside the door, was a peachy-colored thing the size of an orange. It rolled around frantically, its rubbery surface dimpling where it touched the floor. A few seconds later, another of its kind rolled down the bottom step of the stairs and joined it.

What is that? Dan thought. He got up to get a better look at the two things. At his approach, the two rolled away, tucking themselves into a corner. "Woah, woah. It's okay."

The peachy things did not respond. I must be getting too close. Dan slowly backed away, sitting at the bottom step, trying to look nonthreatening. Soon the peachy things went back to rolling near the door, occasionally bumping into each other. Now that he had a better look at them, they were a little hairy, and had a pink spot around a little stubby mole-

Dan gave an involuntary gasp and looked away.

Oh my gosh oh my gosh are those what I think they are...

"Here," Dan said, averting his gaze as he opened the door. If they wanted to go out, they could. At his opening of the door, they rolled quickly out. Dan shut the door behind him.

Oh my gosh oh my gosh...

Dan frowned. Wait...I mean, it's not like they were still attached...Dan opened the door again. A few raindrops still dripped down from the porch roof from the rain earlier. The peachy things were rolling down the walkway and towards the street.

Dan got a flashlight from a cabinet. He checked that it worked and walked outside. Shouldn't I be watching Amanda? He thought. No. Amanda's fine. She's sleeping. Anyway, my sister is in her room nearby. Kate can calm her down on the off chance she wakes up.

It was nighttime, and this early in February it was still winter. Dan's breath clouded out in his face, and his heart skipped from the cold. But the rolling things were not deterred. They rolled in a wobbly path, but stayed on the street.

Dan tucked his fingers into the pouch of his hoodie. They felt like icicles, but he had to keep going. You're smarter than the Internet, he remembered Amanda saying. And smart people were filled with curiosity, right? He could record this for science. He couldn't turn back just because it was cold...

Oh darn it. I must not be that smart, because I forgot to bring a camera along. Dan cringed. It was too late to go back. He had walked far from his house in the sprawling neighborhood. If he went back now, he'd lose sight of the peachy things.

Finally the peachy things strayed off the road. They found a sloping driveway and from there rolled onto the grass, towards the big ditch that flooded a few years ago. They struggled to roll in the tussocks of grass. "Do you need my help?" Dan asked. What am I saying? They can't talk back.

The two round things rolled doggedly onward. When they got to the steep ditch, they rolled down easily, like small rubbery rocks in an avalanche.

There, they met with the others of their kind.

The scene was lit only by a swelling moon and a lonely orange streetlight two houses away. There were blobby, indistinct shapes in constant motion. They bumped into each other, crawled over each other, and even pressed each other down into the water with their weight. There were small individuals, the size of a lemon, barely visible in the darkness. There were a few large individuals, the size of a watermelon, crawling ponderously over the smaller ones like hippopotamuses in miniature. There were shapes so pale they seemed to glow in the moonlight, and shapes so dark they were but solid shadows. All roiled the water and flattened the reeds with their ceaseless, aimless motion. All were silent.

Dan stared, stunned. Frozen to the spot. These were no frogs. These were no slugs. These...these were...

In the cold of the night, Dan's face burned. He looked sightlessly to the horizon, his mind filled with a looping track of stinging memories and the ache of shame.

Eventually Dan thawed from his frozen state. He breathed, and shuddered, and ducked his head. Dan turned away, hands clenched in his hoodie's pouch, and went home.

He saw little on the way back. Everything seemed blurry and grey. Finally, he saw his house. In this light, it showed up only as a huge, dark block, with the ragged silhouette of bushes by the porch and a gnarled oak looming over the walkway. The lights were still on.

He opened the door. His home was so bright and so warm, with an inviting yellow glow. He could see everything, and it was all familiar. Home.

Dan closed the door and sat down on the stairs.

What...what did I see? That doesn't make sense. At all. I read the books. Heck, I gave someone on the Internet advice on it! I'm...well, not really an expert on the topic, but...I'm smart. I should know the answers.

Dan took off his glasses. They had fogged up, but he didn't remember them doing so. Absentmindedly, he went upstairs, looking for the glasses-cleaning cloth in the bathroom cabinet. As his vision stayed unclear, his mind become clearer. Dan shivered.

All those books...all those "talks" I've eavesdropped on...have they been a lie?

No. No, they can't be. They just...grow there. Naturally.

Dan placed his glasses back over his eyes. Frightening or not, I shouldn't...I shouldn't intervene. This should happen. Right...?

He walked out of the bathroom. Amanda was sleeping in the adjoining room, his bedroom. It's late. I should check on her before I go to sleep, he thought.

There, inching towards the bedroom door, were two thick-bodied, tiny peachy things. In the warm, bright lights, he could see they had pink stubs at one end. The stubs were almost shaped like a lamb's tail.



They have tails!!!!!1!!!


"Amanda's not even...11..." he muttered softly to himself. He thought back to Amanda, sleeping on her chest. Amanda, who thought he had all the answers.

No. No no no!

Dan ran over to the inching things and stomped one.

"I won't! I won't-let-you-do-that!" One of the two was crawling away from his feet, starting to move under the door. No. I won't let you get away!

He crouched, grabbing it before it could slip past him. Its thick, awful rubbery body dangled from his grip. He dug his nails in and threw it on the floor. Dan stood, stomping on it, until it was an immobile bloodied thing like the other.

He stared at the carnage. He looked around. Kate and Amanda must be heavy sleepers. Thank goodness.

I don't want to explain this, he thought.

I don't care if this is 'natural', he thought.

I won't let a 10-year-old having breasts.