's 2016 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Lokal

We called it Radioyed.

One night it just appeared on the tower. Everythig was quiet when the night shift suddenly got a call that the signal is becoming wery weak. They spend all night fiddling with the transmiter before they decided that it must be something with the tower itself. When we arrived to relieve them the dark, oblong shape on the top one sixth or one seventh of tower was clearly visible. It looked almost like God decided to put some putty on it. Aleksandr brought his binoculars and Maksim went up to investigate up close. He reached it but then just kept climbing as if he havent noticed it. It was the last time we've seen him.

The next day, since the signal's range was now limited to just several dozen kilometers, we were ordered to turn off the transmiter. As soon as we cut the power the russet mass started to slowly dribble down. What we've seen when it was maybe fifteen meters from the tower's base caused us all to run in panic to the transmiter building and frantically race to turn the thing back on. Few hours later the mass was back on top as if nothing happened.

They're building a new tower now, it's going to be exactly half as tall as the old one. That means it will have quarter of length of carrier wave instead of half of it, but they're planning to couple it with two identical towers to achieve the same range. I'm still not sure what they're going to do with the Radioyed, but I know I would not be waiting to find out. I'm moving out.