's 2016 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Dave Lerner

He enters the bathroom wearing nothing but pajama pants while she's taking a shower. He's in a bit of a hurry. He sees that the bathroom mirror is completely covered with a towel. He's annoyed, but not surprised.

He angrily pulls the towel off the mirror, tosses it to the floor. He rubs his face, checks his reflection; he needs a shave. He fills the sink with water and puts shaving cream on his face.

As he starts to shave she turns off the shower, grabs a towel from the rack, comes out drying herself. She see the mirror, and gasps in horror! She quickly covers the mirror with the towel she'd been using to dry herself, pushing him out of the way. She sighs in relief as the mirror is no longer visible.

He is pissed. Interrupted mid-shave, he's nicked himself. He glares at her, but she's too busy holding the towel against the mirror to notice. He puts down the razor and tries to move the towel, tries to move her away. She won't let him.

He grabs the towel, angrily pulls it out of her hands, throws it to the side.

Her eyes are clenched shut.

He has had enough! Holding her, he makes her face the mirror. She turns her head away. He holds her head, forcing her to face front. Finally she opens her eyes.

See, just your reflection, he indicates. He lets go of her and leans over.

While he is not looking the mirror darkens, her reflection grins evilly, points at her, makes a slashing motion across its own throat.

The mirror returns to normal, her reflection matches her again. He has put a piece of toilet paper on the razor nick. Now that the worst is over he's calmer, almost apologetic.

But she is panicked beyond all thinking. She runs wet and naked from the bathroom.

The mirror darkens again. This time it is his reflection who grins evilly. The reflection points a finger away, as if at her, then points the finger at the side of its head, moves the finger in a circle. His reflection thinks she's crazy.

He nods in glum agreement, calmly continues shaving.