's 2015 Horror Write-off:

Still beating

Submitted by Ron Macgillivray

He stares down at the chunk of meat in his hand. Its still moving, jittering and twitching, coating his hand in blood. It shouldn't still be moving. This wasn't how things were supposed to happen.

He breathes in deep, hoping to calm his heart from beating so fast. He picks up a gun from the small table near his chair and places the muzzle in his mouth. He angles it up, but tries to push it down his throat as far as it'll go. He takes another deep breath, and pulls the trigger.

After he's recovered from the initial shock of the blast, he turns around to look at the wall behind his head. There's a new hole there, but not a lot of new splatter. He supposes that all the other bullets he's used have probably cleared a pretty big hole through his head, stopping the newest bullet from hitting a whole lot of brain. He sighs and idly picks at the back of his head, flicking the tiny bit of grey matter that got caught on his fingernails to the ground.

He can't explain what's happening, and he tries not to think of the implications. He takes another deep breath, but his heart won't beat any slower. He lets it fall from his hand to the floor, still beating just as frantically as before. He stares down at the hole he'd cut into his chest and sighs loudly, rubbing his hands down his face. He picks up the gun again, and holds it against the side of his head.

He presses the trigger and hopes that maybe this time it'll work.