's 2016 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Keebored


I loathe teenagers. All of them.

Sure, as tiny little kids, they're really cute. So innocent, so pure.

All they ever want as a kid is to eat, sleep, and hang out with all the other kids.

Everything a youngster does is so awkward and adorable you just can't help but feel happy.

But then they get bigger and the trouble starts.

They start to devour obscene amounts of food without sharing, leave their smelly garbage everywhere, pick fights with other preteens over stupid things ("You touched me, you little worm!" "No I didn't!" "DID SO!") and then...

...they start that PHASE.

First, they'll start whining about feeling awkward and uncomfortable, losing their heads over the littlest things.

They'll start getting... UGLY. They'll stretch, widen, they'll get so unattractive overall than their own mama wouldn't recognize them if she hadn't seen it happen herself!

Then, they become lazy. In fact, they're so lazy that they'll only move if you bother them. And move they will...

They practically writhe and thrash with anger. Every teen just wants "personal space" or something.

What's worse is that some of them never leave their room- they stay wrapped up in their snug little blankets and sleep until they feel "tough enough" to claim they're a "grown-up". 

...I'm SO glad I'm out of the pupal stage.