's 2016 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Joseph Bashaw

Before men climbed mountains in search of Shambhala

Before there stood cities in Atlantis and Mu

Before prophets dreamed of dear lost Carcosa

There shone in the mist-shrouded realm of imagination

The city of a thousand wonders, Unknown Thalarion

Shadowy towers rise beyond the moon

Spiraling into voids unseen

Shimmering walls keep human beings out

And hold elder secrets within

Mad daemons laugh at those outside

Who can never come in to see

Just what goes on in the walls of Thalarion

Which lesser beings come to envy

Although it is forgotten in the shadow of modernity

It is not dead nor will it ever die

For finite and destined to fall is humanity

While the unknown is forever

And forever will it endeavor