's 2016 Horror Write-off:

That Cat Game

Submitted by Retro



Finally downloaded that app everyone was talking about! It's this little background ground where you feed cats. I think it's Japanese? It's really cute, wow.


Got a few cats! There's a white one that stopped in and played with a plastic bag. A little weird, but SO ADORABLE OMG.


Ok so you can leave different foods out. Didn't know this! Fingers crossed for a rare one!




My co-workers are all playing now, too, haha. I wish this had multiplayer.



More cats today! I finally unlocked a bigger house, and there are so many cats! I wish I could have one at home. I had a cat when I was a kid, but wow, it's been so long. Stupid landlords.


There are some feral kitties that live around here, and I feel so bad. It's so COLD out. I looked up some guides online, and they showed me how to build a little insulated hut for them. They aren't inside, so my landlord can't say anything. Good luck, kitties!



Actually, I'm glad this isn't multiplayer. All my co-workers stopped playing, and my kitties would be so lonely. Which, I got the snow cat today! So freaking cute uggggggh! My "real" cats are all outside, giving me the saddest looks. I bought some better food for them today. I hope they like it!



Ok ok, this is probably weird, but...nm maybe I'll say later. Gotta feed my virtual and outside kitties. I got the chef one today!


No one reads this anymore, lol, so I might as well talk. Ready? Alright...I was asleep the other night, all the outside cats were hiding wherever, and I felt something. Like, I'm sure I was imagining it, but...when I was laying in bed? I felt a cat snuggled up next to me. It felt so nice, and even though it wasn't real, it reminded me of Daisy. She wasn't a cuddly cat very often, but I remember once when I had the chicken pox, she curled up with me. Mom said it was probably because I was warm from the fever, but I'd like to think she knew I felt bad.


I checked this morning to make sure my mystery cat wasn't one of the ferals from outside. Nope. They're all watching me from out there. Which, by the way? Jinx had kittens in the box! I gave her some extra food and a blanket, and made sure Big Boy didn't bug her for the food. Adorable. Oh shoot, I'm gonna be late for work!


Same thing tonight. The "cat feeling" again, but I swear there were two! I started petting the one, and she purred, and...maybe I'm nuts? But I'd like to think that it's Daisy keeping me company. The other kitty feels so warm on me feet.



Still playing the game! They added summer items and even a candy themed yard aaaaaa! My boss needs to stop riding my ass, I wasn't playing too much.


Got sent to HR earlier. Apparently some of my co-workers said I smell bad? I shower EVERY day, I do laundry every week, I smell FINE. But I guess I'll buy some air fresheners and stuff. Oh, and little and food for the outside cats, and some toys! And I'm gonna sneak some money onto the game, too. I NEED that new toy for the cats, the new ones apparently only show up if you put it out for them.


So...more "cat feelings". I'm getting this sense of cats around my legs, twining and putting. They lay on me at night, chill out on my lap when I'm posting these messages. But I never see them. Weird, right?



Stayed home today after my boss called, ugh. I've been feeling sick lately, but I ignored it, because I'm behind on rent again. But I needed to help the outside cats! At least the "cat feelings" are here, especially the one I called Daisy. And there's Beeper, and Sandalwood, and Octogon, and Mimi, and Snickers....



Slept through work, boss fired me over the phone. The good thing is I can at least get unemployment! I started ordering the outside cats their supplies from a website. I don't want to leave the house really. Maybe getting let go was a good thing.



Fall update! I decided to mimic the game and make another box for my outside cats! I wish I could let them in, but the "cat feelings" are so strong anymore. It's like...haha, I'm...probably depressed. But I feel like I get to have my game and have it be REAL, and my landlord can't say anything, because the cats indoors are invisible!

So warm, so nice. I'm watching the cats outside, watching the cats on my game...maybe tomorrow they'll have a new update?



There was a new update, wow!! It's gorgeous! Everything is clean and white and there's a huuuuge window for the cats! They even added neighbors, so I've been chatting with them whenever they come by my door. I'm in cat heaven! Also I swear I can see the "cat feelings" now. Little glimmers at the edge of my vision. Come here, Daisy!



Begin dictation: Patient was admitted two weeks ago following extraction from their place of residence, a studio apartment located at [REDACTED]. Services were called when the patient's landlord had served several eviction notices for the unsanitary conditions of the patient's rented apartment. Conditions were reported by the haz-mat team as a back porch covered in feline feces and urine, along with various dry and canned foods, feline fur and dander, and several toys and houses. Inside the patient's home there was no evidence of feline occupation, with only food stored indoors. Refrigerator and pantry were empty and the only notable scent was a faint musty odor.

Patient has been diagnosed with severe delusional thought processes as a result of a chronic toxoplasmosis infection. The disease has spread to the optic nerve and possibly the brain tissue, causing blindness and an alteration in thought patterns. The patient shows no sign of distress and did not resist admission to services. Patient, when admitted, wore clothing that displayed heavy usage and ill laundering practices, and had a faint odor of feline urine.

Under observation, the patient has continued their life as normal, but displays a distinct disconnection with their surroundings, often speaking of (sic) "cat feelings" and beckoning to imaginary feline companions. Further observation and pathological testing has been scheduled.