's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The Beast in the Dome

Submitted by Joseph Bashaw

In a land forgotten by earthly thoughts

But remembered dimly in fleeting dreams

There lie the ruins of an onyx city

With towers undone and tombs unwrought

Slowly eroding in time's endless stream

At its center stands a forbidden place

A great domed palace which reigns above all

Its marvels still stand for none to behold

Built by command for a king with no face

Where one mustn't stay when come the nightfall

Within its cyclopean central dome

The king kept an aviary, dank as a crypt

Lurking its shadows is a beast unknown

Rumored however by ancient tomes

To be the Father of Shantaks from archaic script

It sends queer dreams to dreamers outside

And calls to those who enter its abode

To gaze deep into its burning triple eyes

And witness true nightmares in ceaseless tides

Realizing that in this world they are truly alone

At the coming of night, the creature flies

Scarcely seen, save for the blotting of stars

With it come horrors of serpent shape

Hunting for souls who are most unwise

For dreaming of this city so silent and far