's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The Goat

Submitted by James B. Davis

I have a hard time telling this story. It's  a very hard part of my life that I am not completely over. I don't think a person could ever get over it. I'm sure that you will understand why soon enough. although, you'll probably just think I'm insane.

I live on a farm in Mexico. We have a lot of livestock and we have to deal with a lot wolves and coyotes and I'm pretty used to dealing with them. So I really had no real expectations of anything too extreme on that night. It was a normal night. It was common for us to hear the goats scream because, as I said, there were a lot of wolves, so I was told to go out and check on the barn. Armed with a shotgun, I walked out to the barn.

I could hear a loud slurping sound and the sound of a goat. I looked in to see a terrible sight. On top of  the goat was a somewhat reptilian creature with large spines on it's back, it's head was like that of a dog but with massive fangs that dug down into the goat's neck, it's scales were a bioluminescent green and blue, it's ears were long and pointed, it had a somewhat humanoid stance, and its eyes were a vibrant glowing purple.

I cocked the shotgun and the creature looked up and me and hissed. It's teeth were covered in blood that dribbled down its chin. The terrible things horrid smell made me want to puke, but I held my ground.

I looked down at the goat and my eyes welled up with tears as he looked into my eyes. The goat's head then lifted up and smiled.

"It's okay, John... I like it."