's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The Hooligans: CopyCat

Submitted by Jac R. B. (Jacobguy)

There he goes again, Joe's always gotta be the "better person" about everything. 

"Hey there Zack! Howya doing today buddy? Hope youre doing well!" 

Ugh it disgusts me how uppity he can be, just let me do my work. 

He infuriates me sometimes, hes always SOOO nice and SOOOOO superior about everything, and he always gets the best stuff too but the worst part is just how SINCERE he is about it i swear.

Why cant he come off his high horse and be down here with the rest of us.

Well if he loves himself SOO much he'll LOVE this present i got him.

I got him a little warped mirror from some old yard sale, maybe he'll het a warped sense of humor and finally be tolerable. Hehe.

Urrgh there he is. Preppy and chipper as usual.

Why does HE get all the good stuff? The nice big office, a well paying job, a smokin hot wife. Its unfair.

"Your right. It IS unfair..."


Ooookay when i start hearing voices its time for a therapist.

"No no! Down here!"

The.... Mirror? 


Why is there a little Cat silhouette in the mirror. Why is its mouth full of nothing but incisors. 

"Nice of you to notice, guy. Ive got a proposition for ya..."

....hmm how about no.

"Excuse me?"

Yeah no i think its time for a therapist.

"B-but that whole internal dialog about how much you hate Joe and how its so unfair that he gets better stuff and-!"

Ok look, first of all I might be petty and spiteful, and yes i may loathe Joe with every fibre of my being but this seems like one of those monkey's paw type deals, not to mention IM TALKING TO A WEIRD CAT SILHOUETTE IN A MIRROR. 



Fine I'm taking you back-

"No youre not"

Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it? 

"Im gonna give you a taste of your own medicine..."



"Hey joe... I got a present for ya.."