's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The Hooligans: Ogres

Submitted by Jac R. B. (Jacobguy)

It was yet another disappearance under investigation, and we still don't know where they're going. These disappearances began only a few months ago and each time the story was the same; someone was out walking late at night near the woods and they never came home.

the only leads we have are that most of the victims are women, and all of them are adults, but otherwise there's not a single connection. I can't say just how many people have gone missing due to whoever is doing this, there's so many I can't keep count, but I do know one thing, they're good.

For a while I talk with the forensic investigation team, getting whatever additional details I can garner, but all they have to offer are some unusually large indentations that are obviously fresh. they're too big for something alive to have made them, and they're too oddly shaped for a machine.

They look like tiny stampede grounds.

I was talking with the forensic specialist assigned to this case, we were trying to figure out what could've made those markings in the ground, especially this late at night, when one of my officers brings someone to me, they're shaking and wrapped in a blanket.


"Yes sir, this person here claims to be a witness"

I gaze at our supposed Witness, and I find a tiny, haggard teenager. I suppose that he must have been around 17 years old.

"He claims that our perp is a "Monster" of some kind-"

my officer didn't even get to finish their sentence before the kid spoke up in their shaky tone.

"I-It was HUGE! I-I-I saw them! it just Came and took her! I don't know what it was, but it was shaped like a person but it was as big as a house and it came out of the woods and-"

"alright alright, that's enough, I don't need to hear any more"


"no buts. I Will search the woods myself if it eases you up a bit, but there's no such thing as monsters young man"

"Sir doesn't that seem rather hasty?-"

"no its fine, I had scheduled a search earlier anyhow, I might as well get a head start. so while I handle this, you take this boy home"

and with that they were gone. It seemed like the kid wanted to ask me to stop, to stay and not go without anyone else, but I suppose they stayed quiet so that they wouldn't get in trouble.

With that taken care of I informed my team and the forensics about my plan and set off with only one other person, just one of the forensic team, asking to come with just in case I found something.

we followed along the indents for a while, i guess the kid implied that these were some sort of monster footprints in the ground. Well, whatever they were, they sure fit the bill as some kind of footprints from how consistent they were.

the deeper we traveled into the woods the more hostile everything seemed. Nothing attacked us, but the trees were jagged and the briers were relentless.

after a while we started noticing that a lot of the branches on the trees are broken. as if something had broken them by force rather than by trees falling on each other.

"hey, wait a minute...what is that?"

the little forensics guy, Sam i think, pointed out what looked to be a huge streak in the dirt, like something had crashed into it some time ago.

we followed it and it led to what looked like a cave, and luckily enough, the "Footprints" led right into it.

"Time to go spelunking i guess. If someone's in there they can't have gone too far."

Sam Didn't argue and followed me right in.

The cave was strangely long, not too winding, but there were some twists and turns which led us to a large, stinking open room with a huge puddle in the middle.

we look around for a moment in the dark before we find something.

at first it looks like a lump in the dark, but as it started to move it became much more distinct.

it was a giant woman, around 10 or 15 feet tall, and she was made completely out of normal sized women grappled together into its shape. the only thing about it not made of the bodies of women was its long, wet, black hair.

it slumped over lazily, before turning the heads that it used like eyes at us.

we were both frozen in shock, we couldn't move. I didn't even hear anything as the thing reached its conglomerate arm down and grabbed Sam.

it all happened so fast. its one thing to see someone be shot and die, its another to see a man being ripped apart by innumerable hands before being gulped down like nothing.

when it finished off Sam, I finally managed to work up the ability to run by the time it rolled its Eye-heads over to me.

i only heard a low, unearthly drone as i ran, along with the massive galloping of its feet behind me.

i didn't even remember to run the right way out of the cave, I just ran.

Oh god its gonna trap me.

after about five minutes of frantic running i round a corner and turn off my light, hoping it can't find me.

i can hear it stirring around, but I can now hear something else moving. something Just as big.

i can only see a strange, vaguely humanoid shape staggering around in the dark as the other one finally rounded the corner.

the warbled at each other for a moment before their faces met and they throbbed for a moment. they parted and seemingly started to look around together.

in moment of fear i ran, finally turning on my light on the way.

I knew the second i started up that they knew where i was and were after me, unfortunately I still ran deeper into the cave.

I ran and ran deeper and deeper, deeper than any cave should be, when i started to see a light. I thought it was sunlight so i ran faster than i ever did before, only glancing back for a moment to see what was pursuing me.

there was the giant woman conglomerate, and next to her was some sort of /thing./

its head was like a hollow pillar of crawling, squirming earthworms, and huge flipper-like arms on an otherwise featureless, and yet masculine giant human body.

they were stumbling after me now, but they were slowing down the closer to the light i got.

funny, i don't remember light hurting this much.

I started slowing down the closer to the light I got due to how much pain it was causing me, but that wasn't exactly why i stopped.

I heard a baby crying.

it was then that i realized, I was still in the cave

I simply looked at what was giving off the light, the strange Kaleidoscopic lump in the ground, crying like a giant infant as the two things came and slowed to a stop behind me.

they held each other and their "Faces" met once again as whatever was giving off the light started to get up.

all I saw was light, and all I felt was Pain