's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The Hooligans: Sour Stomach

Submitted by Jac R. B. (Jacobguy)

I've been very sick lately with a peculiar illness.

stomach pains, nausea, heavy indigestion, burps that make you feel like you're drowning in the fetid liquids of a corpse left in the sun for too long and a complete inability to vomit.

At least it doesn't affect me when I'm asleep.

I tried looking it up, and up to about a week ago, I didn't get any results at all. Completely barren searches until now. But now a lot of people have been posting about it, it even made the news in some places, "Sour Stomach" is what they're calling it, and no one has found any cause yet,

And it's been getting worse.

Not just for me, for EVERYONE.

No new symptoms come up anywhere, but the ones that are already there slowly get more and more intense until there are people literally deathly afraid of even the tiniest little puffs of gas from their stomachs. So much as the thought of the taste sending them into tears. Many of the most extreme cases have already been put in the hospital and slipped into a forced catatonic state until a cure can be found, since its the only way to keep them from suffering.

Lately though, I fear I've become one of these "Extreme cases"

Each day has been an exponential growth in how bad the symptoms were. Almost every breath I take i can feel that HORRID flavor rise from my throat to the back of my tongue.

One day when I was in my bathroom trying to force myself to vomit in hopes of relief, I looked into my throat, and I thought I saw something go back down.

It looked like something with thin, black branches or tendrils. I choked it up to my illness messing with my head, but the image stayed with me.

Until one night.

I woke up to a shuffling noise.

Oddly, my symptoms hadn't gotten worse yet so my confusion for the moment was doubled, until I saw something small skitter or perhaps tumble out of my room and into the hallway. Finally breaking the miasma of confusion, I gave chase.

I thought maybe it was some kind of mouse or rat or something, but instead of going down a hole somewhere it just lept through a cracked window.

Odd, I never left my window open.

In fact, I NEVER leave my windows cracked at all.

I put on my shoes, grabbed my phone and gave chase as fast as I could, thanking God that there wasn't any big foliage around where I live, and I chased it to a rather large storm drain very far from my home, somehow realizing that I never got a good enough look at what I was chasing this whole time and that I seem to be incapable of any train of thought that /isnt/ this.

I could still hear it going through the low waters of the storm drain as I followed. In fact, I was following completely by sound now, to a place that seemed to be where something had tunneled through the storm drain to lead to the sewers, since they aren't really connected.

I thought I lost it before I entered a large room with some large thing, and slowly got out my phone for the light.

It was some sort of huge, serpentine dolphin. Smooth and grey, with long boney, almost human-like arms.

Very slowly did it look over to me with its baleful, yet disturbingly human eyes and lifted itself up.

I thought it was about to chase me before It began to hunch over and heave.

Hot, burning green bile and thick, sickly yellow mucus started to flow forth in a steady stream before it slowed and then finally erupted, seemingly Very Painfully, with a lot of something strange, small, and Black.

Whatever it was that it was vomiting up bounced off the ground and rolled before the dolphin creature stopped and flopped exhaustedly into the bricked floor.

I tried to examine the strangely familiar things before they all started to spring to life.

A deep, coal black core with branching, pitch black tendrils that they used to move like skittering tumble weeds, and to advanced upon me.

I would have turned to run, had they not already have seized my legs and forced their way down my throat.


I woke up in my bed, and my shirt nearly soaked in green slime. Either I just played ding-dong-ditch with the grim reaper itself, or It must have been a nightmare and I threw up in my sleep and rolled around in it.

I felt more sick than I had ever felt In My entire life. Each burp and belch felt like I was dying from the inside out from how horribly decayed they tasted. I sat, retching and heaving for hours before I finally coughed something up.

A little black ball, covered in little black hairs.