's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The Hooligans: symphony

Submitted by Jac R. B. (Jacobguy)

I live in the desert, not much to speak of in terms of sights. There's a few mountains on the horizon, and a canyon over there, maybe even a plateau somewhere around here, but I've never seen it, too far away.

Sand dunes form sometimes when the wind kicks up, but it's no Sahara. They still obscure your vision sometimes but Its not too major.

Its not much, but I'm content with what I have, but I could always be happier. I don't know what's been happening to me lately but something has been....missing. I don't know what, if anything it is. Its just some sort of...longing...deep in the pit of your heart. Dreamless sleep each night as You feel the need for it to be filled, this heavy hole in your chest. It almost hurts, but at the same time it doesn't.

Each day it gets worse, and worse. eventually I was almost completely numb, emotionally and physically so. Even my particularly cold boss took notice, told me to go home and call a doctor, or a psychologist. So I've been sitting in my bed for a while now, not quite sure what to do, but also gripped by an ever expansive apathy that made me not care enough about it to see anyone. I was content to sit and starve, or at least sit there until someone came to evict me.

I went to sleep, and for the first time since feeling this way, I dreamed.

I dreamed of nothing but soft, pulsing colors and the most beautiful music I have ever heard in my entire life. I found myself aware I was dreaming, and I found that this was what I was looking for. The answer, this was like...a missing piece of my soul that I have been missing for god knows how long. But as quickly as it came, so too did it fade. I was panicking as I tried to listen as hard as I could, becoming more and more conscious all the while.

The last thing I saw before I awoke, was the desert.

I awoke in my bed and I immediately looked out the adjacent window, out to the barren horizon.

I knew it was out there, and i needed to find it.

I called up my buddy from around town. He worked in a camping supplies store and i needed someone who could set me up with as much supplies as possible.

When I called him I must've sounded haggard and exasperated, and when we met, I must've looked even more so, because my friend was about to take me home and lay me down for a rest, but I insisted that I go. He couldn't penetrate my insistence, so he said to keep a GPS active, just in case.

I left and set off as fast as possible. Out in the desert.


I ran out of provisions about a day ago, but I have to keep going. My will is somehow carrying me all the way.

I'm miles away from all civilization and even further from any food or water, I don't think I'm gonna make it. I claw dune over dune in the beating sun, the heat is finally getting to me. I think my vision is fading.

But then, I hear it. Softly at first, but then it grows.

Immediately I feel reinvigorated and scramble around, looking for the melody.

Just over a dune to the north, I find it.

The Symphony.

I listened intently to the rising tune, even ignoring how inhuman the players were.

How the spider like strings players stroked at the webs stretched between legs like violins, or how this row of these massive, frog-like beasts were nearly fused to their "sousaphones" as they gave a massive, brassy blow with their pop-top heads.

Claws plucked strings, tentacles banged drums, suction cups pressed keys, all to the tune directed by their especially inhuman conductor.

Their body was something like a horseshoe shaped tuning fork, along the two prongs were three pairs of hollow shoots that ended in a bell-like shape, looked almost like horns, or maybe clarinets. Its perfectly spherical, white head floated perfectly above its "torso" and below that in the center sat what looked like a heart shape made of juicy, red, pulsing tissue. It stood firmly In the sand on its broomstick legs and in its equally thin, wiry hand it held a black wand that it orchestrated this simply beautiful music with.

The music was amazingly beautiful.

If true, unending happiness was real, this was it.

A symphony so perfect in every way, that almost no human could describe the tune, and definitely couldn't be played.

It was so grand, I just sat on my hands and knees and wept. I wept like no one ever had before from how beautiful it was. Finally my travel for my missing piece was over.

I continued to weep as course, buzzing, pitch black clouds rose from every hole and crevice in sight, even from the players as they played, though they never missed a beat, and the music never suffered.

The symphony was brought to the most grand crescendo that may have ever existed as the sky began to completely blacken.

I continued to weep, not because of the grand beauty of what I had just heard, but because I may never hear anything like it ever again.

The conductor took a few solemn steps and slowly turned to me. Through my tears, I saw them take a bow, just as the rest of the symphony did as the buzzing black sky dipped down to take them elsewhere.

I was alone in the desert. The sky was a clear blue, and I continued to weep.