's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The hooligans: the beginning

Submitted by Jac R. B. (Jacobguy)

Long ago, before anything, there was nothing but them.

They were something of the other, and they grew weary and tired of the great lack of all.

And so they created the world and it's star and Moon to cradle it.

Don't tell me, "the star doesn't revolve around the world"


"How can this be true if there's so many stars out there?"

Ah, as they say, reality is the illusion of perception. The stars you see are but their eyes, forever watching their beloved little earth.

They loved earth, and all its things.

They, the ones, the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and others, The Creators,

They did not see.

There was something there, something that came even before them, something... Strange.

This something was always there, before anything. Before earth, before time, before them, before the monsters.

They were always there.

And they always will be.

When the creators saw this strangeness on their beloved creation, they panicked. They knew not what to do, chaos reined in the cosmos,

and that was just what the strangeness wanted.

To this day they still worry for their earth, for the blanket of sky they lovingly knitted, the supporting earth they toiled to form, all to you, their beloved child.

They fear, what this... These Hooligans will do...