's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The Night Light

Submitted by Jenne Kaivo (email)

This is just my story. One time when I was little I saw a book on the sea. There were lots of pictures of different parts of the sea and I saw pictures of the really dark parts and the different fishs that live there and they were scary. They hunt with lights and have big teeth. I couldn't read good because I was just little, but I sounded it out and the ones I remember were angler fish and gulper eel. The gulper eel doesn't have big teeth, it has a big mouth like a pelican and can swallow even bigger things than it. A angler fish is round but a gulper eel is long and thin and has a long long tail.

Then I was scared of the water when I couldn't see the bottom. We live in a trailer and the bath tub is very small and when I take a bath the soap gets all in the water and it gets cloudy. If something got very long and thin it could be in the pipes and just wait and I couldn't see it. A gulper eel shoots out its jaws fast and eats a fish. One time I pulled out the plug and didn't get out of the way in time and something grabbed me from the drain. The regular metal thing wasn't there, it was just jaws, and little but sharp teeth, and muscles swallowing. It pulled down but I pulled and pulled back and got my arm back. Maybe I was strong enough and maybe the pipe was just too small. When the water drained down, I saw that it was just normal again.

I didn't say anything because it was back to regular. Nobody would believe me. But I was afraid when I was trying to sleep, because it was dark. Then I heard a clatter and a sound. It sounded like a thing was moving, and I looked and saw a light in the dark. It was a little blue light and it moved around. I wanted to go to it but didn't want to get out of bed and put my feet on the floor. I just layed there. The light was still for a long time but then it moved and came closed. The sound was like a snake slithering but if the snake was wet. The light got lower but then it came up and was by my head. I could have reached my hand out and touched it. It was little and blue and pretty but I remembered that I was scared so I kept my hands under the covers and didn't move.

After a while it moved away with the slither sound again and the light just behind. I saw that light was starting to come. It was dawn but I fell asleep before I could see the sun. My dad came and he saw that the floor was wet and he wanted to know what the hell did I do. I said I got some water and spilled it, so he frowned and said OK and put down some towels.

That night I said I wanted a shower so they let me have that instead of a bath and nothing happened, but I was still scared. I started to not sleep. My parents saw that I was more scared of the dark and asked if I wanted a night light but I said no. I see the lights at night from machines and I don't want to see any light, I just want the regular dark.

That was my story. It's probably over but I don't pull the drain when I'm in the bath tub anymore.