's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The worms inside

Submitted by SIGIL

Log 502: January 3 2022 Lunar colony Hephaestus. This is, Benjamin Dallinger chief lieutenant engineer. Today we've begun the first of our mining operations on the lunar surface; the team is really excited to get everything underway, hopefully by 0200 the drills will have cleared, an area of approximately 300 meters. Also morgan I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to tell you that I'm [The log cuts to static for the next three minutes due to interference caused by radiation hitting the lunar surface, before resuming feed] Anyway i'm going to try to get some sleep, god knows I need it.

Log 503: January 7. Everything is going better than we expected we cleared an area of 800 meters in the past couple of days. Nothing much of note aside from this cute geologist; her name's, Catherine. We had a couple of drinks down at the solar lounge.

Log 504: January 8. Okay, okay so I've got big news, some guys were drunk, and blowing off steam in the mining zone, and one of them fell down some kind of hollow fracture the mining had caused. Inside we found there were a series of caverns "natural freaking caverns!"

Anyway some of the eggheads are acting more excitable than a nerd with a new D&D board.

One of the science guys, Richard told me that these hollowed out caverns provide evidence that water used to flow over the moon's surface; he also said something about how it could have had  an atmosphere at some bygone point, when the sphere was closer to the earth.

Log 508: January 12. Last few days have been surprisingly quiet. The science team has been surveying almost every inch of the caves; I heard they even found a few larger caverns deeper in from the dig site. Also something started causing the drills to fuck up, I'm guessing that kid, Dallas is partly to blame. Boy was a total wreck the other day.  I guess his nerves are a little frayed from the excitement, and that nasty fall he took when he stumbled into the caverns. In fact he's acted pretty weird since he fell down there.

Log 510: January 14. So science team shut down our whole mining operation something about a quarantine because of some kind of fungus they found in the cave. I mean c'mon how dangerous can something that grew on a lifeless rock be. Also haven't seen, Dallas at all, and last time I checked the mining equipment there was some sickly red growth on it. Not really sure what the fuck it is. I also decided I'm gonna go check out the caves I want to see what all the fuss is about.

Log 511: January 15. I'm not sure what happened... The fungus did something to me I think.

I made my way past the security officer they had on guard, and made my way into the now considerably more well lit caverns. After about fifteen minutes of walking I found the weird fungal stalks they mentioned. I must've had a tear in my environment suit or something; because I felt something moving up my leg. It was, cold as ice, and then I felt it pierce my skin. (The hole turned into this ugly pustule). I guess  i must've passed out because I woke up a few hours later. Thank god no one knows I was there.

Log 521: January 25. It's been 10 days since my last log. In that short span of time something happened to the crew, They all...Turned into something, something violent. I saw them cutting, Dallas apart with scalpels, and taking things out of him. They look like monsters, they aren't human anymore. I need to find water my body is burning up, and it feels like something is sloshing in my stomach. I hope the crew didn't infect me.

Log 524: January 27. I started living in the vents. The infected crewmen don't look for me here. I found something out the fungus it's inside of me! Protecting me from infection! I found this out when I started vomiting more of the red substance I saw on the mining equipment. I understand now the fungus was protecting, Dallas too, and thatls why the infected were trying to kill him. Because they knew the fungus would kill them.

Log 527: January 29. It spoke to me. It want's to keep me safe. It changed my body I don't shit or piss anymore all my food gets turned into more of the red womb that the fungus is helping me build to stay safe.

Log 530. WRsdf I canT seRte Funus grwing ovArM y eyez iIcan smeelbEtter noww DnertH ave to wrorry Ny moarabotu infecagtionsI;m hungfgrty I can Eathtn themnoe.

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This is the log of medical technician, Jacob Corneli. We've managed to review the recordings of, Lieutenant engineer Dallinger M Benjamin. Their contents show a disturbing deterioration of the subject by the parasitic organism that was unleashed from the cavern systems on the moon. In our autopsies we found that the, Cestoda like organism lives in a symbiotic fungal colony which usually remains in a dormant state until coming into the proximity of heat; upon contact the organism awakens from its natural stasis, and seeks to enter the source of heat either through an available orifice or by tunnelling through the skin, and into the stomach where it will extend an neuron tipped cilia through the lining of the stomach, and into the spinal column. This process causes symptoms similar to dementia in the subject; along with releasing a chemical similar to, Lysergic acid diethylamine.

They also begin producing more of the fungal substance within the digestive tract. It is within my opinion that further mining or colonization of the lunar surface be suspended.