's 2016 Horror Write-off:

Wait-for-it title II

Submitted by HareTrinity

"Not even one?"

I shook my head, again swiping through the photo albums on my phone, looking for a shop that might sell replacement batteries. Ironically, this was further using up the phone's battery, but that wouldn't matter unless we could find a new power source soon.

"Oh no..." My friend's voice was strangled with terror. "Dizzy...!"

I glanced over to see her holding onto a leash that lead to no one: her dog was gone.

"What?" I spluttered, looking around for an explanation. "But how? You had her puppy photos, right?"

My friend fell to the ground, gripping the collar to her chest. "I did... I still do..." She stared at the pictures on her phone screen, gritting her teeth as she tried to comprehend our impossible situation. "Maybe it's because the collar wasn't her normal one... Maybe it needs more updates now..."

"That's not fair!" I cried out, dropping to my knees next to my friend. "How... How are we supposed to deal with that?"

There was a click as my friend took a selfie of us, then her sobs began to overtake her, and I found myself losing hope. We clung to each other and wept, knowing that we weren't going to make it. Any moment now, our lack of evidence of our tear-stained selves could be enough for us to be removed from existence, as had already happened to so much of the world.

As we sobbed, I heard the words of the god echoing quietly through the air around us, a quiet mockery of our predicament.

"Pics or it didn't happen."