's 2016 Horror Write-off:

What dwells in the sea

Submitted by creepy pasťák

alice was sitting in her livingroom,eating breakfast and looking out the window.grey clouds were gathering above the city.rain was coming.she had a bad feeling about it,clouds frightened her.they are so vast,one is overwhelmed with insignificance and existentional horror.but it wasn't just the size.clouds are water,evaporated from the sea.and it was the sea,that frightened her the most.there are dark and evil things hidden in there,that man should not know.a giant mass of water,that floats in the air,travels a large distance a falls a way,clouds are flying seas.she was sitting calmly by the window,watching the dark shapes in the sky.

recently,the weather was very bad.this wasn't doing any good for her.her skin was paler than usually.

suddenly,she felt sick.she put down the toast and with swift steps made her way into the bathroom.she

bent over the toilet and vomited.annoyed and disgusted,she looked at what was once her breakfast.she was upset,that it was wasted.she hasn't been to school for a she was especially sick,so she had a glass of water and went so sleep.howeverm,for her,sleep wasn't a blissful escape from the cruel reality.her subconciousness was plagued by nightmares.she was tortured by her phobia of the ocean.she dreamed she was floating in the dark,cold the dephts,where no human or any other creature could live,where only unimaginable beasts dwellt.and those beasts were swimming around her.

they were larger than a human could imagine,or rather,they didn't have established dimensions,for they were not bound by the laws of physics from this world.she could see only bits of them-tentacles,

claws,eyes,teeth and other body parts that din't correspond to any earthly their cosmic

vastness,they didn't notice her,she was absolutely nothing to them.she was frozen with fear.when she woke up,she was drenched in sweat,her heart pounding and breathing heavily.she laid there for a few minutes,to calm down.she had countless similiar dreams,but they always scared her.eventualy,she managed to get up a go to the bathroom.she contemplated,whether it was any use to sleep at all,since she still felt horrible.

she was on her notebook,browsing social media.she didn't have friends and didn't go outside very often.meanwhile it started raining outside.raindrops were drumming on the building's metal roof.slowly pouring down windows.the rain affected all an attempt to ignore it,she put on

headphones and closed the curtains.she didn't want to think about it.thoughts of sea and the thing that hide there were still running through her head.humans know more about space than about the depths of the sea.and it should stay that way,maybe there are things man was never meant to know.things,that could break the human mind and drive it is a simple creature evolved for

a simple his ignorance he doesn't notice the cosmic events.they are absolutely insignificant,

which is their only protection against the horrors of the deep.foolishly they call themselves the rulers of earth,but the dark gods of the ocean were here much earlier.the have seen the rise of humanity and will see it's fall.her thoughts were interrupted by a rush of sickness.once again,she ran to the bathroom and bent over the toilet.however,she was was salty.she opened her eyes and saw a stream of water coming from her shocked he.salty water,like seawater.with terror she stood above the toilet and stared at the water.she didn't understand what just happened.she didn't drink or eat anything salty that day.maybe it's some medical condition.on her way

back to her room,she noticed it was still raining.rain brings things from the every was raining the whole day.she had dinner,browsed the internet and went to sleep,ready to face more nightmares.

the following day,the sky was still grey.she went to the library.the smell of rain made her sick.she grabbed a few books and went back to her apartment.she sat on her bed and opened a book.after half an hour of escaping reality,she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.she got up and went to the bathroom,but she fell.she felt something coming uo her was the salty water poured on the floor and soaked her took about half a minute.she was sweating and breathing heavily.she was

afraid,she didn't understand.she was lying in a pool of salty water.she managed to get up a went to change.when she came back,the water had evaporated already and only a film of salt remained.

after it happened again multiple times,she had no other choice,but to go to the wasn't easy,explaining her bizarre problem.the doctor,despite his doubts about the authenticity of her complaints,examined her.however,with no results.there was nothing wrong with her stomach,or any other body part,except heru usual ailments.having gained nothing,she returned home.neither books or the internet helped solve her troubles.she was desperate.but after a few weeks,she started getting used to it.vomitting salt water was an almost daily occurence for her.but it got time passed by,

she noticed the amount of water was the beginnig,it was about half a it was about three.and the longer it took to vomit up all the made her sick,she couldn't eat anything salty.after a month,there was so much water,it filled the whole bath tub.she was afraid,she

had no idea what to do and nobody could help her.yet this was not the end,merely the beginning.on one rainy evening,when she was bent over the bath tub as usual,she noticed something new.the water was in the tub was murky and dark.she didn't know,what it meant and therefore was the time went on,the water was darker and thicker.soon,the water was mixed with a thick,black resembled oil or mud.everynight,she would fill the bath tub to the brim with this foul mixture.

her health became even more frail.she was paler and skinnier,had dark circles under her eyes and her

golden hair started turning silver.not only her body was weakening,but her spirit as psyche as well.

the heavy bags under her pale eyes,once deep blue,almost purple showed her insmomnia due to worsening

nightmares.her throat burned from the constant vomitting of the black ichor and left a bad taste in her mouth,that she couldn't get rid of.everything got worse when it rained.but it was the nightmares,

that unsettled her the most.she still dreamed of incomprehemsile monsters from a different reality,

but something had changed.the whispering.the dakr gods spoke to her in quiet whispers,in a tongue that broke all laws of human logic.she didn't understand was a chaotic speech that got stuck

in her head and couldn't be forgotten.

after some time she started to remember various words,or phrases,if even those disgusting sounds could be called such.she tried to look them up on the internet,but found nothing.not even in books,

about linguistics,occultism and similiar things.she wasn't surprised,after all,it was just meaningless

babble from her dreams,born of her sick mind.but still,it seemed too complex to by just a product of

her was too vivid.soon,she started hearing the whispers during the day,when she was awake.

it was like voices in her head.she tried to ignore them,but they constatnly creeped into her conciousness.her head hurt.she couldn't focus on anything and think.she was exhausted and often fainted.she slept most of the day,waking only for a few hours to eat,browse the internet and of course,vomit the black ichor.

one morning something unexpected happened.just as many times before,she crawled to the bathroom,leaned

against the bathtub and expected a discharge of black bile.but it didn't come.instead,only little came from her throat and she felt something soft and came out.when she opened her eyes,she was staring in the tub in disbelief.there were five purple,slightly transparent balls.they looked like

amphibian eggs.she touched them,they were slick.carefuly,she picked them up and brought them to the

kitchen.she put them in a jar of water.she was sitting on a chair and watching them.she was absolutely

baffled,she had no idea what was giong first she thought she was suffering from some unknown disease,but now it was more than clear that this was against all laws of nature.but the question that

puzzled her the most was,what will happen now?if they were really eggs,as they appeared,they should

hatch.she wasn't sure if she wanted to know what would hatch from such eggs.

for the next week the eggs were just sitting in a jar on the table.she watched them and looked for any

changes.she even changed the water.but despite her extensive care,two eggs died.she could see that they started to decay.she flushed them in the toilet and put the ramining three in a new jar.three days later,however,she found the third egg ruptured.the thin,purple violet membrane was torn and some-

thing was oozing out,a kind of darker purple-ish fluid.once again,she put the eggs in a new jar,and

turned her attention byck to the ruptured egg.curiously she looked in the violet shreds,wanting to know what kind of creature was hiding within.she found only blackish-purple mush.the embryo probably

wasn't developed enough.eventualy,the fourth egg died as well,of unexplained saddened her

greatly,for she wished desperately to know,what will hatch of them.maybe the eggs held the secrets and

answers to all her questions.

she was especially protective off the last egg.she wouldn't let anything happen to it.the egg was everything to anchor of logic in a sea of chaos she was drowning in.and soon she reaped the fruit of her work.the egg began to twitch,it's thin membrane stretching and contorting.with joy and

expectancy she watched.after a few minutes the egg bursted and a cloud of purple fluid poured out.she

ran to the bathroom,filled the tub with water and poured the jar's contents in it.the fluid dissipated

in the water,making it crystal this moment,the creature revealed itself.she stared in disbe-

lief in the tub,in which a tiny being swam,no bigger than ten had a round body,lined

with thick black tentacles.she counted ten of was black,the undersides of it's tentacles being

purple.however,what captivated her the most,what she mindlessly stared into was the eye.the being had

a single,large,purple eye with a slit pupil in the center of it's was a glare from another is said that eyes are the window to the soul.this eye was the window to something no

mortal human could imagine and should never know.

she sat on the edge of the tub,watching the creature observed the world with it's large single eye,but it didn't look liek a hatchling that was just learning about the world,no,there was

intellect in his gaze.wisdom that the human brain couldn't bear,for it would break under it's weight.the creature emitted an aura that gave away that it was not of this world.but it bore knowledge greater than everything mankind ever held.she could feel it's cosmic power.this was a god.

the voices of the dark gods were stronger,they spoke directly to her,they were trying to tell her

something.but she did not understand their terrific speech.the small creature was still swimming in

the tub and looking at her.she looked at him,with her pale,tired and lifeless eyes and he gazed into

them with his divine was incredible,a god mightier than anything in the universe,yeat it

could fit in the palm of her hand.her dreams became more clear.she didn't see only faint glimpses of

the dark gods bodies.she saw the outlines of their massive forms,floating in a circle around her,like some kind of ritual.their eyes ere upon her and they spoke to her,almost singing gloomy and

strange melodies.their voices didn't seem ugly and painful to her anymore.but rather almost beautiful.even the gods themselves were not incomprehensile beasts that tore human sanity apart.she almost felt something....familiar in them.

she understood the.she didn't recognize the details of their speech,but she understood the meaning.she was the chosen one,to bring something had something to do with the little was a young dark god and

she brought it into this world,like some twisted version of virgin mary.she was a harbinger of apocalypse that

would destroy this world.she couldn't do anything about it,even if she wanted.but she didn't want to.the only

thing she wanted was to finish her mission.she knew what to the morning,she went to the bathroom and unplugged the bathtub.the creature rotated in the whirl for a while,before slipping in the the sewers,

that went under the whole was free now and nothing could stop it.

the police pried open the door.they went inside and were immedietly hit by the stench.sea water and something else,they couldn't the bathroom they found a tub,filthy with some black the bedroom they found a dead was a young girl,pale skin,skeletally thin with long white hair.the neighbours called them

because she hasn't left her apartment for months.the autopsy didn't reveal the cause of death.soon after this,strange things started happening in the city.people claimed to have seen black,slimy tentacles crawl out of

nowhere.they felt like they were underwater.and they claimed they could hear whispering in an unknown langague.