's 2016 Horror Write-off:

Where Trod the Black Camel

Submitted by Joseph Bashaw

The secrets of the desert are vast and innumerable

The treasures beneath the sand are lost and innominable

No matter what you hear however, no matter what you are told

Never ride into the black desert, not even if you feel so bold

It is not of this world, I swear to He, Allah

It is not on any map, I swear to him, the Shah

Those who enter may never return the same

If they return at all, oh what a dreadful shame

The desert spans beneath a dying spectral sun

Whose soft rays reveal ruins abided by none

Where long ago, in an age now immemorial

Ruled the mysterious jinn, living flames ethereal

In grand palaces of illusion they once thrived

Which turned back into caves soon after they died

Where today their exotic treasures still lie

Not to be stolen, not even by the great magi

For the desert is under watch by a phantom sentinel

A shrouded figure who rides upon a pitch black camel

It sits like a man, guiding or guided by its beast of burden

But its head bobs gently, as if not even a living person

The black camel rider appears as a mirage when,

Foolishly, the secrets of the jinn are stolen by men

You will never the leave the desert, you will wander forever

Pursued by the rider, until it has reclaimed its treasure

When at last it is upon you, with nowhere to run or hide

You will see under its shroud, and pray to God you had died

Your soul will be taken, swallowed up into its folds

Your body a mere shell, by sheer instincts controlled

This is my warning to you and all wholesome beings

Do not forget what to you I have been speaking

To these caves full of treasures you must never travel

Never enter the desert where trod the black camel