's 2016 Horror Write-off:

Your story

Submitted by Hannah

This story is not about an average character. This isn't even a normal story, so why would the character be normal anyway?

This is about you.

You have a job, a wife, and kids. A happy life if you ignore the things in your peripheral vision. You ignore the odd noises at night. The music box music, and the feeling that someone- no, something is watching you. You ignore it like you've ignored it your whole life.

Only tonight, you're alone... Your wife took the kids to visit her parents, and you couldn't get off work. Now, you're alone in the house, unease clutches your heart at every little noise.

Then the childlike voice fills the house...

"La la la, la la la!" It was followed by a giggle. A young girl, by the sound of it. You desperately play it off as a fatigued mind. You climb into bed. The song... It doesn't cease. Neither does the laughter. If anything, it gets louder. And louder. You hear a flurry of footsteps.

You squeeze your eyes shut, terrified to see what comes next. You try and believe none of it's real. It isn't happening. But it is. You hear another hour or soft, barely noticeable footsteps.

"No no no no!" You cry out, eyes closed . "This isn't real! It isn't! It cUt be real..." The lone girl's voice is joined by many, many other voices. The voices of children singing echoed throughout your head. You began to sob quietly. What was happening to you?!

You unwillingly open your eyes. A crowd of children in nightlife filed into your room. The music became deafening. A girl with a filthy nightgown and long, black hair stepped forward. Her bangs covered her eyes. She opened her mouth, much further than any little girl should be able to, and instead of the inside of a mouth, the only thing in the long, grotesque space was a black void. A gaping nothingness. The other children followed suit.

They began shuffling closer, and you scrambled up against the headboard. In a single, terrifying, awful moment, the children reached you. And you were gone.

Your children and wife looked for you of course, but the only clue for finding you was a single, long, black hair on your pillow.

That was a story about you. Or, at least, it will be...