's 2017 Horror Write-off:

A long, boring drive

Submitted by Shiisiln

Last year, I was driving to my parents house for Thanksgiving. They live in the next state so it's always a real hassle to drive all the way out there.

It was about midday, and I was going down this long, empty highway, when this beat up blue SUV came speeding up in the next lane.

They were going about ten miles above the speed limit and drifting back and forth like they were drunk. They swerved in and almost ran me off the road before pulling up and passing in front of me.

That shook me up pretty bad, but when the fear faded I got really angry. I was already in a bad mood from driving for five hours and counting, so seeing this person driving like a moron and putting both our lives in danger got me ROYALLY pissed.

I hit the gas and pulled up beside the SUV, intending to give the driver my opinion via middle finger. But as soon as I could see through their window, all the anger just drained out of me and my mouth fell open.

Sitting in the SUV's drivers seat was a middle aged, slightly balding man, absolutely COVERED in cockroaches.

They swarmed up and down his arms, crawled up onto the crown of his head, and even slid down his neck into the collar of his shirt. They covered the seat and the dashboard and hung onto the steering wheel with their sticky little legs.

There were so many of them that they kept knocking each other off their perches on the man and the rest of the car, creating this endless, eddying flow of insects skittering upwards and falling down into the recess of the seat.

The man turned towards me and, with a cockroach crawling directly across his face, shot me this glare that seemed to say "What the hell are you looking at?" Then he sped up and shot off along the highway into the distance.

I pulled over and had to sit with my head between my knees and breathe deeply for about 30 minutes before I could get back on the road.

Later, when Mom asked me how my trip went, I just said "Oh you know, just a long, boring drive," and changed the subject.