's 2017 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Infernalthing (email)

Alright, I write down this note so I would not forget. I feel my memory fading away, like when you wake up and fell how you are forgetting what you dreamed. Anyway, before I start I must mention a local legend for this to make sense. It's about doppelgangers, things that look identical to a real person. Local legends say that there's a chance to meet your doppelganger when you're close to arriving home. You see them standing still and staring at you. A sudden rush of adrenaline kicks and instinct tells you to run inside and lock the door before the doppelganger does the same thing. If you succeed the doppelganger will vanish and never bother you again. But if it manages to get in before you and lock you out then you will be the one vanishing from this world, your life being taken by an impostor.
Now with that out of the way, here's why I write this note. I experienced a doppelganger encounter myself! They say the location and distance to the door the doppelganger appears varies for each encounter, and in my case I got really lucky, I was only a meter or two away from my door when I encountered it. I've got a huge advantage and managed the get in and lock the door in time. After that I felt hazy, like my memory of the incident was drifting away. That's why I quickly wrote down this note, so I would not forget what happened. Maybe this note may be the only evidence of the event, as I risk to completely forget it.
Oh, and a strange detail I remember was how the doppelganger reacted when it saw me. It looked... surprised to see me... as if it didn't expect the encounter.