's 2017 Horror Write-off:

A Pleasant Day in Todaysville.

Submitted by Aloin Dubois (email)

I originally posted this to nightmare creatures, but I thought I should try submitting it as a creepypasta because... well I feel it's more of a Creepypasta.

It started in a suburban neighborhood except it was all retro, it looked like what the 1950s thought the future was going to look like. Even in the dream I don't know how I got here, I have vague memories of being kidnapped but thought the kidnapping was actually a dream. I was sitting on the couch as a robot butler was preparing a cup of coffee.

"Ring a ling neighbor!" I hear from outside the door. Begrudgingly I get up and answer the door, except, this isn't my neighbor. My supposed 'neighbor' was a portly man with balding problems, except he only had about eight teeth and they were gargantuan compared to his mouth, his lips were unable to close due to the sheer size of his square teeth. His eyes were bugged out and his face was incredibly sweaty. He was incredibly reminiscent of Dr Man.

"Nice morning we're having isn't it neighbor!" He said in a salesmen voice.

"Would you consi..."

"I'm not buying any wares." I slammed the door in his face. But I noticed his foot was in the door. I opened it again... and he just does the same thing as if the previous encounter never happened.

"Nice morning we're having isn't it neighbor! Would you consider joining the community?"
I wondered what he meant, in my mind I had lived here for years, I tell him to go f*** himself and slam the door. I make sure he didn't hold the door open in anyway. I moved to sit back down on the couch,

"YOU NEED TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY." I hear from outside the door. I see a fist swing through the window and unlock the door. There he stood, still smiling.

"The community is dying to meet you." With inhuman speed he covers the length of the living room. He grabs my wrist in a vice grip, and being the American I am, I attempt to punch his lights out.

My fist smacks across his cheek and I hear a sickening snap as I watch as his head twists around. His head was now staring at the wall behind us, but he didn't react. 

"C'mon neighbor, we have a picnic in your honor! They're dying to meet you!" He seemed still incredibly jovial, but he still didn't let go. He led me to his car outside, it was a peculiar car indeed, it was monotone grey in contrast to the surroundings and nearly ten feet long. He let go of me so he could unlock his car. I took my chance and ran, he didn't turn around, his head was still in the same position, snapped and grinning. He didn't move.

I ran with terror, my feet hurting, my head throbbing as I wondered what dystopian hell I was really living in. I head a faint putter and stood still to identify the sound. It didn't sound like a car, it sounded like an animal, and suddenly smashing through the hedges came the car, except there was no wheels, it had nightmarish limbs that ended with stumps, but other than that, the car was normal... ish. The car didn't stop, after it missed me, it went into reverse with a U-Turn, and charged again. I couldn't outrun the speeding car. I was blown over the windshield and hood. I hit the ground, I felt like every bone in my body was broke. I didn't even see my 'neighbor' leave his car, I just saw the thing walk calmly up. His head position was in a new position, it was still at an ungodly position, but what he said was even more unbearable,

"Hey neighbor, we better get out to the lake this weekend, I hear the fish are really biting!" I watched as his grubby hand lost it's form and it became the shape of a gun, but it was still made of flesh. He shot me in both kneecaps with what appeared to be Kidney Stones. I was at his mercy.

"What do you want!?" I screamed at the unflinching face.

"Hehe. Why, you do have a queer sense of humor." He chuckled. His gun and changed into a pair of fleshy clamps and picked me up. He set me in his car, and then he himself slid into the driver's seat.

"Boy, they sure are anxious to meet you..." and then I rode with my neighbor to 'meet the community'.