's 2017 Horror Write-off:

A Poem of Warning

Submitted by Fluffy The Doombringer (email)

There's a creature in the woods

That feasts on vitrious jelly

He'll pluck out your eyes

And stuff them into his belly


There's a beast in the garden

That eats the vegetable thieves

It's got teeth like railroad spikes

And skin like long dead leaves


There's a shade in the attic

That delights in causing bad dreams

You can hear him laughing

Whenever he hears you scream


If you're wondering what to do

If think that I can hide you

They'll follow wherever you go

There's a skeleton inside you!


There's something in the basement

You can't make out what

It probably wants you grab you

And slice open your gut


There's a demon in the closet

That wants to take your soul

He's got bones for hair

And his eyes are two empty holes


There's a gremlin in the sewers

That wants to get into your place

He'll sneak on up when you're sleeping

And tear off your face


It's better to just stay inside

It's so much safer, my dear

Because there are millions of monsters out there

And only one in here.