's 2017 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Hisham Hasan

Tap-tap-tap "Yo! Hey, YO! I ignore the tapping. TAP-TAP-TAP "Yo! Hey, I know you can hear me! C'mon!" The curtains were drawn, the window closed and fastened, but the tapping and creaky voice still seeped through. "Dude! Hey listen! Just eat this fruit, okay? You'll like it, it's good!" I climb into bed, yawning. "It's tasty! It's delicious! It's not so sweet, but the rind is pretty fatty, full of nutrition! Vitamins and stuff! Just, don't crack the seed, okay? It's kinda important to me. Also, full of poison!" I draw up the blankets, get myself into a comfortable position. "'Course, I doubt you can crack the seed coat, it's pretty much as hard as a rock! Still, better safe than sorry! Just swallow it whole, okay?! Just chew on it a bit, then gulp it down! Okay? OKAY?!" "Look, there's no megafauna around for miles! C'mon, do me a solid, okay? It's win-win for both of us! Eat the fruit!" It used to speak a different language, one I didn't understand. It fell quiet for like a month, then started speaking in broken English. It's pretty fluent by now. And apparently I'm the only one in the house who could hear it, so it directed all its efforts at me. "C'mon! Just one! Just scarf it down! Then go for a nice, long walk! As far away as you can!" I sigh. Life's gotten really strange ever since Dad brought that weird tree from some shady nursery.