's 2017 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Sheperd (email)

This day much like the rest of george's. 'Twas a hot summer day. Roughly Seven PM as the sun ever so slowly began to die down. 

It had been only a few months since his divorce with his wife Mary. But he didn't really care in all honesty, He was free now! Didn't have some...Dumb wife to drag 'em down!

He was in his living room. Sitting on the small leather armchair he had called his own for several years silently. Wearing nothing more than a loose white shirt and lounge pants. It was comforting but not the most....Visually appealing. However something else had caught the man's attention.

He'd slowly get up from his chair with minimal noise as he sluggishly crept over to the window. He'd pull aside the old faded drapes to look outside. He lived in a relatively rural part of town so there wasn't many neighbors.

So he wasn't surprised when he saw...Nothing. Yes. Nothing. There's not supposed to be anything out there is there? No. N- He heard a thud. And a shatter of glass upstairs. Resulting in him instantly turning around and looking at the ceiling with panicked eyes.

He'd slowly swallow as his throat turned dry. What's up there? What made that sound? Was it an animal? Did something fall? Did someone get in? If someone did he'd need protection. But his rifle is...upstairs. What now? Ahah! A knife! of course! He'd quickly spin around and would sprint towards the kitchen. Nearly falling as he slid into the room.

Quickly pulling open the kitchen drawer and frantically digging around he'd find it...A knife. Not too long or particularly sharp. But it'll do. With that he'd worriedly speed walk back towards the stairwell he had passed earlier. Looking up into the darkened reaches of the second floor of his house he'd slowly move his hand around the wall. Before finding the switch and flipping it on.

What he saw horrified him. His walls had become a stark blank white. With odd blue and red lines running across them. This bizarre corruption had seemingly taken up the entirety of the second floor. He'd let out a horrified scream before quickly switching the light off and scrambling back into his living room. Rushing out his front door and into the street in front of his house.

The entirety of his house fell victim to the odd white corruption. turning a stark white before beginning to corrupt heavily. Polygons beginning to jut randomly from his former home before the entirety of the building collapsed into a un-recognizable mass of white polygons.

He'd begin to sprint down the street in a blind panic. His kitchen knife tightly gripped in his right hand. But ahead of him something would quickly scuttle out from A few trees. It resembled a female. Caucasian Five feet tall wearing a white dress. But she was wrong. Her limbs twisted in ways they shouldn't have. Her head twisted backwards as her body jerked uncontrollably towards him. Her form skittering and twitching violently as the twisted being leapt towards him.

But before the twisted creature could pounce on him the air twisted and contorted. Odd digitalized pixels filling the air as every sound began to loop. Before everything would turn blue as everything would seemingly fade away. He'd look around horrified as everything ceased to be. Leaving him alone in a bright blue void. With a single phrase in front of him.