's 2017 Horror Write-off:

Guide To Getting All The Creepers

Submitted by Hisham Hasan


Sometimes, if you choose to stay up at night, you'll hear a clunking sound from the basement. There is no point going there now. Instead, during day, use the hammer, the boards and nails on the basement windows. Then, when you hear the clunking, go to the basement. The JAMFLITTER will not be able to escape and you'll be able to capture it! This probably the easiest to get, as the the items necessary can be found in the toolshed, or your neighbor's garage.


WAXJUG In the alley behind the laundromat, bring an old matress and leave it behind the dumpster. If you come when there's a full moon out, a WAXJUG may spawn there.



When you take a job as a janitor at the local hospital, don't finish cleaning the second floor, and instead you can go to Dr. Liam's clinic and hide in a closet. At night, head into the examination room and examine the anatomy chart. LEADBABY will immediately spawn and give chase. Don't panic though. Head up to the second floor and knock over the bucket of soapy water you've left behind, then hide in the alcove. LEADBABY will sprint pass and slip and fall down Use the mop on LEADBABY and you'll get a chance to acquire it.



This one can only be obtained after you unlock the Beach, or if your Hometown happens to be on the seaside. You'll see a small island that you can only get to by boat or jetski (the inner tube isn't enough). You'll see a pile of rocks. Push the boulder at the bottom to reveal a small cave, then leave. Now, wait until there's a hurricane. After it passes, talk to the kid on the beach. If he tells you the storm blew a small, leafy creature onto the island, you're in luck. Make sure you have mulch, shovel and watering can in your inventory, then go to the island. Examine the cave to uncovered earlier and you'll find the plant critter sheltering inside. Use the shovel and mulch on the ground in front of the cave, then water with watering can. Now you can leave. Get the cough syrup and mix it with either with the honey, molasses or the any soda. Come back the next day and give the mixture to the thing, and you'll nab the GOOPENTHES! This one isn't really hard, just a matter of waiting. As long as the cave is uncovered, it's just a matter of talking to the kid daily after each hurricane until he tells you it showed up. Mulch, shovel and watering can all be found in the gardening center or in sheds. You can get cough syrup from medicine cabinet in your house, but it's much easier to buy it from the pharmacy. Any sweet stuff can be mixed with syrup, but the stuff I listed is the easiest to get and can usually be found in your house.



In the Empty House, you'll find a pressure cooker on the stove. Talk to it (yes, really) and it'll ask you to bring it four cats. Equip a rotten fish (search the garbage bins for one) and stray cats will automatically follow you. Bring four of them back to the pressure cooker and it'll unlock the bedroom. Go there and you can get the HUGMAN.



If you walk down the entire haunted hallway at school with an empty slot in your party, there is a small chance WALLSTRANGER will appear in your party after you exit the hallway. It only appears after the school is closed. Your best bet is on weekends, as doing it in the dark is not recommended.



Go down to the playground in park at night, and at 1:

37 AM, a small shadow child might appear. Notice that it mirrors your movements. Be careful not to touch it; it will instantly kill you. It's a simple puzzle, just make the shadow enter the funhouse and go down the slide. Once it does, you can approach it safely and add BLINKLES to your party. Note that once you get BLINKLES, don't try to spawn the shadow child a second time, as you will not be able to despawn it and it will simply kill you.



In the women's bathroom on the third floor of the mall, you will sometimes come across a locked stall with a distressed-sounding lady inside. Each day, she'll ask for an item. The items are always the same:

they are tripe, bacon, margarine, caviar, raw chicken, and pizza, which can all be found at the supermarket or sometimes in a fridge. Caviar is very expensive, but you can also nab some from certain houses if you're careful. The last item is always raw liver, but here's the trick. If you give her the raw liver you find at a home or the supermarket, she'll just thank you then disappear the next day. What you need to do is get the raw liver either from the shady van (for a price) or a parked ambulance (free, but very risky). Once you give her the correct liver, she'll start screaming. Just exit the bathroom and come the next day. Knock on the stall door, but don't open it, as it is an insta-death. Come back the next day, and you'll find the stall is open and toilet is a bloody mess. Examine the dress, and you'll get EGGWORM.



This one spawns randomly at night in the parking lot behind the supermarket, usually when there is rain or fog. You'll find it standing under the streetlamp with the bluish light. You'll have to play a mini-game, something like "Red Light, Green Light". In other words, move only when it's not looking directly at you. Once you get close enough you'll aquire it. Note that failing the game while you're still far away has no penalty (it just disappears), but once you get within a certain distance, failure means death.



Go to one of the two manholes near the construction site, and a Seweroxoltl might pop up. Let it swallow you, and make your way through its digestive system. At the colon, before you leave, go explore the dead end and you'll find KISSYFLUKE.



Don't report the dead body you find in the oil drum down by the garbage dump. Examine it six weeks later and you'll get SOAPTOM.



This one is a bit tedious. To get it, examine locker 18 in the men's locker room at the gym once daily for 18 consecutive days. On the eighteenth day, SLOORP will spawn.



Only obtainable once you unlock the River, or if you have a river in your Hometown. At 9 PM, watch as LUMLOACH dig itself out of the ground and make its way down to the river. The trick is to grab it just before it jumps into the river. Trying to grab it or getting detected before then will only result in it digging back underground and dragging you along with it It pauses slightly before jumping in. That is best time to nab it.



Appears randomly in the mall at night, replacing one of the mannequins.



This one is only obtainable after Mr. Sanderson gets arrested. During the day, break into his backyard with the lockpick, and use the shovel near the statue to dig a pit. Come back at night, between midnight and 3 AM, and you'll find a very abnormal Mrs. Sanderson walking around in the backyard. Don't let her touch you, as it is an instant death. Lure her into the pit, then push the statue onto her. After that, examine her remains and you'll get MOLPUZZ.



You can get this after Mr. Anton passes away. Sneak into his house during the day, and enter his study. Read his diary on the desk, which will cause the bookshelf to swing open. Enter the hidden room, and grab the key that's in the cage. Go downstairs into the basement, and push aside the washing machine to reveal the secret door. Enter the door using the key. Go over to the computer panel, and flip the levers in this order:

4,2,3,5,1. After that, you'll gain access to the BLUDGRUB. Good luck, as it's a tough fight.



Only available once you've returned the cursed book, and only if you managed to keep the librarian alive. Get the chili powder from the store and visit the library during opening hours. Talk to the librarian and choose the third option. Make note of the order she mentions. Then when she looks away put the chili powder in her coffee, then wait for her to take a sip. When she runs away, quickly grab the blue book and the office key, then run inside her office and hide in the cabinet. At night exit the office using the key, then go around the rooms and collect the gray, white, black and crimson books. Remember when I said to note down the order? That why you need her to be alive. What you have to do is put in the books in the opposite order of what she says. XARLYBUG will appear, and you have five minutes to escape the maze. Although the layout is initially always the same, the bookshelves seem to shift at random, so it's also really a matter of luck. If the timer runs out, or if XARLYBUG catches you, it's all over. If you manage to escape, you now get the chance to aquire XARLYBUG.



Only obtainable if you chose to incinerate the mummified thing you find in Grandma's attic. Sometimes, when you're walking around in Grandma's house, you'll a door opening even though you didn't open any. If that happens, you have a narrow window of time to find a door, stand in front of it and stay absolutely still. If you hear a second door-opening sound, immediately exit through the door, then leave the house and try again later. If you don't hear a second noise, stay absolutely still. The FRUMDODO will spawn right in front of you.



This one sometimes appears in your nightmares if you've killed exactly 10 owls and no more.



To get this one, you both need to have EGGWORM and to have the Farmhouse unlocked, or have your Hometown start out with one. First, you need to work there for at least two weeks, so the dogs and horses get used to you. Then, when you ready, go to the woods nearby, and grab the strange herb and feed it to the pregnant cow in the barn. Check back a week later, and talk to the farmer. Choose the second option, then turn down his offer. Go get any meat item (like sausage or steak) and feed it to the cow. The next day, you have to feed it a rat (you can get one by setting a mousetrap, or buying one from the petshop). The next day, talk to the farmer again, and choose the first option. Now, you no longer have the opportunity to visit the cow alone during the day, so you'll have to sneak in at night. The dogs won't bark at you. The next four nights, feed it a fish, meteor dust, cremated remains and human finger. Fish can be bought at the supermarket or caught at the beach, meteor dust can be collected once the meteor event happens (or buy some from the nerd, although it's pricey), you can use your great uncle Fred's ashes or visit the crematorium for cremated remains, or make your own. You can get the human finger at the hospital, or nab one off a murder scene. There is also a small chance you'll get a human finger if you set a mousetrap. On the fifth night have EGGWORM in your party, grab the strange herb again, but this time use to it lure a horse into the barn with the pregnant cow. Then feed the herb to the cow, and let EGGWORM do the rest. Once it's over, examine the remains and you'll aquire an egg. Incubate in a compost heap for five days and you'll get a LUNGMOON!