's 2017 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Starii

Dear Journal.

So here I am at California during spring break, my friend Rod invited me to come this party he was going to here. At first I didn't want to since I wanted to spend spring break back home with my family near the college, but he insisted that I go with him to California, saying that the party will be fun. While I am a big fan of party's, Rod managed to convince me to go to California, fortunately my parents understand and there's always Christmas and the summer break.

The party start's tomorrow night, so were just going to spend the rest of the night watching TV at the hotel were in. I'm starting to get exicted for the party now that i'm writing about it, but anyway, i'll make a new entry tomorrow before the party.

It's always great expressing my thoughts to you journal, even if this was a short entry.

Entry by: F (I don't like using my full name because i'm worried someone will find this one day.) -- 16/4/17

Dear Journal, something strange happened to me. I know I said I would write again tomorrow before the party, but I want to make another short entry now because of what happened a few hours ago. So me and Rod were watching a show in our hotel room, but Rod wanted some ice, and since i'm his friend, he insisted I get some ice down the hall...So I complied, since I might as well exercise my legs a little bit by walking around.

After leaving the room and getting some ice, there was someone I met there, a girl around my age. I didn't mind her at first and ignored her as I got some ice, but she greeted me, so I greeted her back, soon enough, we started talking and quickly got along well. The girl seemed nice and her named was Gwen, she said she was going to the same party as me and seemed happy when I said the same thing, but then...The conversation took a very weird turn.

For some reason, Gwen tried to flirt with me, she offered to bring me back to her room for some private time, it was very weird since I just met this woman. I shrugged and tried to be friendly to her, but she kept insisting I give in to her advances. I just grabbed the ice and slowly moved away from her, greeting her a good day and that she was a friendly woman, boy was that a mistake, because for some reason she started to follow me back to my hotel room. I managed to lost her by going down a different hall and reached back to Rod a few minutes after.

I told Rod about what happened, but he laughed it off, saying that I always get the girls, and we continued to watch TV for a few hours before heading off to bed to prepare for the party tomorrow night. Suffice to say that encounter with Gwen was very weird, and she's supposed to be at the party tomorrow. I should keep an eye out to see if she's going to try and get to me during the party. I just want to have a good time and I hope that if I do meet Gwen at the party again, she would understand that i'm not interested in her.

Anyway, i'll write again after the party journal, if i'm not too drunk or whatever.

Entry by: F -- Dear Journal, it's Gwen sh--- [The rest of the page has been found to have been ripped off.] -- 20/4/17 Dear Journal, I actually got to know Gwen some more, she seemed like a very nice girl when I met her during the party, and a bit of a party animal. I loved it! We hung out during the party and got to know each other some more, Gwen appeared to be suffering for some financial gain so I offered to help her. She loved it and together the two of us went back to the hotel room and spent the night together.

It was great, Gwen is great, so much in fact that i'm going to leave with her in a few days...But this means i'm not going to write in this journal any longer. Sorry Journal, with Gwen, I feel more happier then before, she understands me perfectly.

Anyway, I should get going, me and Gwen have a lot of stuff to do...

We were just meant to be. Entry by: G --