's 2017 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Hannah (email)


10:23 pm

Hey guys, it's me. I know it's unusual for me to post this late, but I think someone's outside my window right now. I just got home from pranking Jenny like I'd planned (I'll upload the footage to my channel tomorrow!!) and I noticed this massive white truck right on my bumper the entire ride home.

So I pull in the driveway, and the truck drives off. Fine, right, just some jerk who doesn't know how to drive? I went to go grab some water, and the truck is parked in that empty lot across the street. Uber weird, because there's never anyone over there, and I just saw that stupid truck. Well I'm in my room now, and there's this scraping sound outside. I thought it was just a low hanging tree branch, but there's no trees in my yard. None.

So I'm thinking that Lisa or Jess decided to get me back for pranking them, which is totally fair, but there's no way I'm letting them scare me, so I think I'm gonna scare whoever it is before they can, and hopefully get it on camera.

Ta ta for now, I'll see you nerds later!


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-I think it's Jess, you got her pretty bad last time, lol!


-No way, It's totally Lisa!! She so wants revenge for the lobster thing.


-Can't wait to see the jenny prank vid!!


Same, Jenny vids are the best


-Are you sure it wasn't just a raccoon?


11:15 pm

So it's not Jess or Lisa, but it might be Jax or Connor. It's too dark to see. whoever it was had a guy's build, and when I ripped the curtain open (yes @Jimman I'm now sure it wasn't a raccoon), they didn't scream, just sat there, and Lisa and Jess scream if you pat them on the shoulder when they don't see you standing there.

They were definitely taller than Jax though, so probably Connor . I bet Jess put him up to it somehow, she probably gave up bathroom time before school for it too, poor thing. It's not gonna scare me whoever it was, because I know what's coming.

My plan is to call Connor, and wait for his phone to ring, and laugh while he fumbles to get it and keep his cover.

Let's see how this goes, I'll see you nerds later!


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12:10 am

So it's not Connor.

I called Connor's cell and he picked up immediately, but the guy at the window is still standing there, still as ever. The only reason I'm sure this guy isn't a mannequin or something is that he'll occasionally shift or twitch, and there's no mechanical pattern like the mannequins I've used for pranking.

But anyways, I call the guy doesn't move, and Connor picks up the phone, and I tell him I know what's going on and that he knows he can't successfully prank me, no one can, and get this, he says he has no idea what I'm talking about. There's no point in pushing a prank after you've been found out, it's just sad. I'd go out there and talk to whoever they got to come try and freak me out, but it's cold and I'm not changing out of my pjs.

They'll get bored eventually, I'm gonna go watch Shrek.

I'll see you nerds later!


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1:07 am

I don't think I know the person outside the window. I got tired and headed to bed, and he was still there, but now he's tapping or scraping or making some kind of sound every few seconds. My friends know how hard sleep is for me, they wouldn't purposefully keep me awake, besides, they'd have gotten bored by now.

I was getting legit freaked out, so I called everyone in my contact list and most were asleep, and others were out of town. I'll keep you posted, I'm kind of freaked out.


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2:33 am

I'm in the bathroom right now. Tried calling the police, but the phone line was just cut. I don't think this is a prank anymore. I'm scared.

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2:35 am

He's inside, I hear footsteps.

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2:36 am

Please let this be a prank, I don't care anymore I just want him to go away. The lights in the bathroom are out, and I'm in the closet. I'm so so scared. If anyone's out there, please, My name is Katherine Anderson  I live on 24002 Easter Parkway Someone is in my house.

Please contact the police if you can.

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2:36 am

Why is my blog set to private? I can't change it back and all of my passwords for other sites are failing. Who is my one viewer?

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2:39 am

Oh my god

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2:40 am

I don't know if anyone will ever see this but he's coming up the stairs, he knows where I am, why am I so stupid he was looking at my posts and i told him where I am I told him I told him

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2:42 am

He's at the door. I can hear heavy breathing and I smell mud. The light coming from the crack under the closet door has been crushed by heavy duty hiking boots. He's waiting for me to post one more time and I know it. There isn't a thing I can do.  

I don't wanna die.

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