's 2017 Horror Write-off:

I Did This All For You

Submitted by Angie Villanueva

George had been up for hours sewing the fabric together. He made sure it looked all neat, without appearing like a bunch of patches. Once he was finished George began to search for some white marbles, when he found them he drew pupils on them. He placed them in the empty eye shaped holes. Stepping back he looked at his work. The glass eyes looked at him blankly, he looked back into them. He felt joy bubble inside him. "Now...," George said aloud, "for the hair." He bought a brunette wig earlier that week, he wanted to make sure it matched exactly with Alice's hair. He carefully placed the wig on the body's head. George smiled.
He picked up the thin body, which now had skin of new fabric, and moved it into the living room and set it on the couch. "I hope you like this Alice, because I did this all for you." Alice gave him no response. George began to tear up. "Your was starting to decay. Your hair, it was falling out. Your eyes..." He sat down next to the body and continued, "I couldn't let my wife rot away, you understand? I couldn't let that happen to you." George took hold of the cold hand and kissed the body's lifeless cheek. George spoke, "I love you Alice, with all my heart. I just can't imagine living without you.
He really couldn't live without her.