's 2017 Horror Write-off:

It lives in the Freezer

Submitted by Glitter

In a Restaurant, There's Usually a Freezer. And with All things, It'll get dirty. This is exactly what happened here, you see. But it was different than your Average Grime. Our story begins on A Crisp December night, At about 7 PM. An employee was told by his Boss to clean out the Freezer. The Employee approached the Freezer with the necessary cleaning equipment that you'd use to clean a freezer. When He opened the door, a Thick, Blue tentacle, seemingly made of ice, pulled him into the Freezer. All he saw in the Freezer was a Room of Ice, extending infinitely in every direction. A large Cuttlefish-like Being loomed over him, emitting a high-pitched giggling noise. The last thing he saw was the Creature shuffling towards him, The giggling growing Ever louder.

His boss noticed he didn't clock out, and it was around 9 PM, so the Boss checked the freezer. There was no sign of the Infinite room, or the Cuttlefish, but sitting right in the Freezer was a Frozen sculpture of a man with a Facial expression you'd expect one to make while Giggling.