's 2017 Horror Write-off:

Marrow Lake

Submitted by Gluttonous Bodak

With a name like "Marrow Lake" as its official geographic label, you'd think the place would be a ghost-town (and quite unwelcome to life) even before the Abomination arrived.

You'd be right. Not because the town was abandoned - far from it. The place was positively bustling for a while, even though nobody lived there. It was quite pleasant for its citizens, even though those very same citizens would all be considered "abominations" in their own right in almost any other town.

In case you hadn't gathered by now, Marrow Lake was a town composed entirely of the undead. Vampires, ghouls, wights, mummies, a few awakened zombies, the occasional lich... Marrow Lake was home to almost a thousand citizens.

Now it is only home to ONE undead citizen, assuming the Abomination could be counted as a citizen at all. It ate the rest. Even the incorporeal townsfolk (whether they were ghosts, shadows, spectres, or other things) were nonetheless somehow devoured by the Abomination, even though there shouldn't have been anything there for it to devour.


I'm still hungry.