's 2017 Horror Write-off:

No More Stalking for Me

Submitted by James B. Davis

I'm what you could a stalker, I guess. I don't go around taking pictures of ladies from their windows or anything, I just like following people around. I follow people for a day and then I move on to someone else. I'll find someone, follow them till they reach their destination, watch them for a while, then move on to someone else. I don't even do it every day, just sometimes.

Well one day I see this guy and he's walking through the ghetto. Like the ghetto; New York ghetto. And this guy, he's dressed real nice. Suit and tie, dress shoes, fancy hat, creased pants, brief case; everything he's wearing together probably costs $2500. So I think this guy's just asking to get mugged in a ghetto like this. He must be doing something pretty damn important.

He's probably a drug dealer or some kind of crime boss, I think to myself and I start following him. Not the best idea, no, following someone who might be involved in big crime, but what can I say, I do this shit all the time. He isn't packing a gun I can see and if anything too bad goes down I'm pretty fast on my feet.

So I'm following him down the street for probably ten minutes and nothing's happened. We're just walking through the ghetto on a summer night. There's not a gust of wind, there ain't a cloud in the sky, not a single dog has barked that I could hear.

So, I start thinking this guy MUST know I'm following him, you know? He's bound to have seen me by now; I've been following him for about 10 minutes and I ain't that far behind, 50 feet at most. So I go around the block to throw him off and I run as fast as I can around the block to get back to him. Luckily he's still there and I'm farther behind him now.

I've been following this guy for about half an hour by this point when I notice we're getting into the industrial zone of town.

>o?Where the hell is this guy going? I think to myself, He's gotta know I'm following him by now.Finally, after a couple of minutes he walks into the parking lot of this big warehouse and I'm about 50 yards away from him. By the time I get to the building he's been inside for about a minute. The building itself is falling apart by the seams.

This has got to be a drug deal, I think.

I creep around the building to look for a spot to look in. I get over to the eastern side of building when I finally find a hole big enough to see through. I look in and I'm just dumbstruck. The guy's just standing in the middle of the room in the dark by himself. His briefcase is standing on ground next to him and just he's staring into space standing there.

Now I'm really intrigued. What the hell could he possibly be doing? Is someone else in there with him? Is waiting for someone?

I stand there waiting for a couple minutes when he finally moves. He starts unbuttoning his jacket. He gets his jacket off and throws it on the floor and starts doing the same with his shirt.

What the fuck is he doing? Did I seriously just follow a guy for nearly an hour just to watch him undress in an old warehouse?

By the time I'm trying to process this in my head he's completely naked. I'm just about to leave when, believe it or not, this is when it starts to get weird. Suddenly he cracks his elbow all the way back.

The guy's arm was snapped like a fuck'n twig. It was bent the wrong way and twisted around the wrong direction and he didn't make a fuck'n sound.

Then, all of a sudden, his other arm does it too; only this time it's bent to the side and his wrist is twisted around the wrong way. Then his legs do the same on every joint; thigh, knee, and ankle. By this point he's laying on the ground like a smashed pretzel.

I think it's finally over when his spine does a full 180 and his neck bends back all the way. He's looking right in my direction when this happens but I don't think he can see do to it being so dark and all.

His eyes are rolled back in his head and saliva'is just pouring down his face. I'm about to fucking vomit when he starts making these disgusting choking sounds, like he's trying to say something. Finally, he smiles and looks me dead in the eyes. His words are clear as glass.

"Looks good doesn't it?"

I was fucking out of there. No more stalking for me.