's 2017 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Anonymous

There are opinions crawling in my head. Nasty little critters, how do I hate them! I prefer my other, more reasonable kinds of thoughts: I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I must pee, and the like. They do not make me feel different. They don't force me to remember that I'm an individual within a society.
Sentience. The monster that gives birth to these awful beings. What good does it make me to be aware of my own existence? I don't need it. Just let me live without thinking! Let me be free from the illusion that life is worth living!
I find comfort fusing myself with the whole. If my opinions tangle with those of the majority, they feel a bit more natural. But they're still opinions. Irrelevant. Not needed to survive in this world. Just ask ants, what use do they have for opinions? Why should they have art, or politics? Why should they ponder the nature of their existence? Existence is an accident. Biology is the ultimate perversion of existence. I am aware of that. I wish I was not.
Biology set us a trap, we call it "survival instinct." It tricks us into continuing this pointless existence and to spread the disease further through our offspring. Not even I am free from its influence, as my continuing existence can prove. Killing myself is something I cannot do. I wish I could.
But these are all opinions in the end. They tickle my brain like so. Tomorrow they'll change, those shifty bastards. I will think life is worth living again. I will submerge myself in the illusion and put a smile on my face. Perhaps it will even be real.