's 2017 Horror Write-off:

Partial List

Submitted by Hisham Hasan

This is by no means a complete list. Those who wish for an exhaustive record should request Tetra Endo clearance.

===================== ==Notable Crichtons== =====================

Crichton #119721 (Snooping Ornitholestes) Relatively stable and low-threat Crichton, manifested in high-rise apartment. Once building was evacuated, was contained uneventfully. Notable for being first Crichton to be contained successfully using contemporary techniques, and the case served as basis for the development of current containment protocols. Exa event occurred during containment after 5 months.

===== Crichton #332822 (Dizzy Quetzacoatlus)

Classified as high-threat. Manifested in condemned building. A sudden spike in the rates of miscarriages and birth defects in a large hospital led to canvassing of area and discovery of Crichton. Unusually, it appeared to be stationary and not prone to roaming like other Crichtons. Due to high instability and volatile nature, Exa event occurred during containment process, but fortunately loss of life and property damage were minimal.

===== Crichton #438500 (Flash Parasaurlophus)

Manifested in closed theater. Time from manifestation to Exa event estimated at 5 minutes. Containment was not possible. Zero fatalities

===== Crichton #596478 (Quash Spinosaurus)

Trapped an entire Midwest town in Schrodinger Class time loop. Time-space anomalies were detected immediately, but since they masked the manifestation event, the Crichton was not determined as the cause until much later. All attempts at containment failed; after second team to enter the time loop went missing, decision was made to initiate Exa event in situ. Colossal loss of life, both due to Exa event and collapse of time-space anomaly.

===== Crichton #464432 (Tailglow Stegosaurus)

High-level threat, extremely unstable and dangerous. Manifested initially in an unused storage closet in a factory. Immediately grows to occupy all available space. After 13 hours of continuous effort to contain it, decision was made to initiate Exa event in situ to prevent further loss of life.

===== Crichton #301232 (Flesh Therizinosaur)

Medium-level threat. Manifested in abandoned subway. Capable of erratic phase-shifting, which made its ongoing containment extremely difficult. Eventually underwent Exa event after 4 years in containment.

===== Crichton #575763 (Shadow Stegosaurus)

High-level threat, capable of teleporting between shadows. Despite all attempts and artificial illumination, became impossible to contain after sunset, and containment teams were forced to initiate Exa event in situ.

===== Crichton #511333 (Dying Gallimimus)

High-level threat. Manifested in ski resort, probably during a period of unusual blizzard activity. Believed to be responsible for the disappearance of over 3000 people over a three year period, as well as the constant equipment and electronic failures at resort. Was eventually contained, and underwent Exa event two years later.

===== Crichton #498398 (Purple Pachycephalosaurus)

Manifested on second floor of high school. Considered low-level threat and was contained successfully, but numerous civilian injuries and deaths, mostly due to mass panic and hysteria. Underwent Exa event 11 days later.

===== Crichton #250681 (Gunk Triceratops)

Medium-level threat. Manifestation location undetermined, was first detected on mountainside trail. Highly unstable, close proximity causes symptoms similar to radiation poisoning (but with no detectable radiation). Was successfully contained. Utilized in Operation Chain-Reaction to neutralize Crichton #228470 (Fuchsia Pteranodon). Its Exa event was induced in order to destabilize the more dangerous Crichton, and induce its own Exa event.

===== Crichton #228470 (Fuchsia Pteranodon)

Zeta-Level threat. Manifestation event fortunately occurred in remote area. Capable of spatio-dimensional overlay; close proximity caused fusion of agents with equipment and terrain. Caused a small village (composed of spherical buildings) to appear, partially fused into cliffside. Village theorized to be from alternate universe. All attempts at containment failed. All resources were diverted into neutralizing the Crichton before it reached a highly populated area.

Was eventually stopped by using another Crichton, #250681 (Gunk Triceratops) to trigger its Exa event.

Most alarming aspect of this Crichton is that some agent accounts and records describe a much different series of events that occurred. All deviant accounts correlate each other. Some surmise that this indicates that the Crichton may still exist in our universe, and the "official record" may be the result of overlay from an alternate timeline.

As such, despite apparent neutralization this Crichton's case file is still open .

===== Crichton #242725 (Slick Deinonychus)

Low-level threat, notable for manifesting in backyard of suburban home in full view of occupants. Forced evacuation of whole neighborhood. Successfully contained, and underwent Exa event after 317 days in containment.

===== Crichton #343997 (Bitter Ankylosaurus)

Remarkably stable. Manifested in scrapyard. Was initially classified as low-level threat, but was upgraded to high-level when signs of impeding Tyson Wave Collapse were detected. Lateral phase shifting was not possible. Containment was a difficult and protracted affair, involving many casualities. Eventually underwent Exa event in specially prepared facility 67 days later.

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===== Crichton #859834 (Oily Mosasaurus)

Remarkable for manifesting on left wing of commercial jet liner flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Threat level undetermined as it immediately fell off. Pilot was able to regain control of aircraft in time to prevent crash. Not contained.