's 2017 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Hugo A Gomez (email)

How to make someone disappear in 6 simple steps

Step 1: First of all, you must make sure that the target (the person you want gone) has no prior knowledge of the process, this is because if they know about the process, they can defend themselves from it, and that will not be good for you, once you have made sure that the target does not know anything you can proceed to step 2

Step 2: First you must get a  digital photograph of the target, in this picture only the person considered as the objective must appear (if the photograph includes more than one person then the process will be unable to identify which is the objective), once you get the picture, it will have to be printed on a sheet of white paper of 21.6 by 27.9 centimeters, this will be the basis of the contract with the process, when you have this document ready you can proceed to step 3

Step 3: On the side of the sheet containing the picture you must write the following words in legible letter:

·       -Caleidoscopio

·         -Cumpleaños

·         -Taciturno

·        -Dramaturgia

·         -21

·         -Azabache

·         -Adieu

Once you have finished writing the words, you will start to hear whispers behind you, ignore the whispers, they are just proof that your contract is valid, from now on, you will have a maximum of 12 hours to consider whether you want to proceed with the next step , if you decide not to proceed, wait until the 12 hours end, by then the whispers will be gone and your contract will be cancelled, you must not break the null contract, Just put it in a place where nobody can see it (they can still see you but they will not bother you)

Step 4: Once your contract is ready and approved, the only thing missing is to sign, under no circumstances should you use your own name when signing (or any name in general), all you need to sign the document is a drop of body fluid (blood, sweat, tears, etc.) Belonging to the user of the contract (you), once the contract is signed, you will have unlimited time to take the next step (it is recommended to take the next step immediately, they will do their part without a problem, but the only thing they expect from you is that you take this seriously and do yours too.)

Step 5: You must leave the contract in a place where your objective can see it, once the objective has seen the contract, the process will formally start, under no circumstances should you allow the objective to see you depositing the contract, because if the objective  know who you are and what the process is, they can and will use this information to defend themselves from it

Step 6: Wait, after 6 hours you will know if the process has been successful or not, at this time it is recommended not to open the doors or windows to anyone, in case the contract is returned please review the ₴ parameter for more information.

How to defend yourself from the process in 4 simple steps

From the moment you see the contract, you will have a time limit of 6 hours to be able to defend yourself against it, the method to do so is the following:

Step 1: First you have to find out who is the one who sent you the contract, have you seen someone close to you acting in a strange way?, is there someone you've hurt?, is there someone who hates you? Once you have the absolute certainty of who has been the person who gave you the contract, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Look for a stain of some bodily fluid on the side of the contract, this is the signature of the user, when you find it, you must cover it with a drop of your own bodily fluids, once done, proceed to step 3

Step 3: You must return the contract to the user , no matter if the user sees you or not, the only thing that matters is that the user looks at the contract ,but  discretion is recommended , once the user looks at the contract, it will stop being linked to you ,once done discard the contract the way you want

Step 4: If you have achieved the 3 steps already mentioned before the time limit, and are not taken by them, it means that you are no longer considered as objective by the process,  continue with you daily life as if this had never happened,make sure it does not hapend again

₴ in case of return of contract ₴

Step 1: Do not do anything, do not move, do not shout, do not cry, do not close the doors or windows, do not call for anyone, do not ask for help, just sit down and stay still, you have been outbid, they will come to collect you soon