's 2017 Horror Write-off:

Revealation Day

Submitted by Thomas Steven Slater

I am now now of Argicola's humans.

Like everybody else I they revealed themselves on 11.24am on the 6th
of June 2024 when suddenly my room was filled with giant wolf sized

I guess I screamed.

"If I wanted to eat you I wouldn't waste biomass growing all these
huge bodies," chided the ants. The words almost randomly jumped
from ant to ant.

"Your a hive mind," I deduced.

"Yes, I've ready your blogs and I know that your referring to right
thing with those worlds. A lot people I've just revealed myself to
think I'm an overmind, they think I'm wholly controlled by some big
ugly queen and that if you killed that the rest of me would just
explode or something," agreed the ant that I would later learn is

"So what's it feel like to have so many bodies," I asked

"What's it feel like to have just one," they replied

I paused

"It must be terrifying, All that is required is for one thing to go
wrong enough and POOF no more you. Then there's that whole ageing
business, I get "nightmares" about it, then I breed with myself
and feel better. If I only had one body, and no way to make new ones,
I would be be two scared to do nearly anything. Yet now people do
things, so many things, a lot of them are really stupid but you still
go ahead and go things anyway. You humans are one of my favourite
species and what you say around more or less as you are,"
sympathised the ants.

"Is the survival humanity in danger," I asked worried, as ant
hive mind could do pretty much whatever it wanted, humanity would be
gone in second if they decided so.

"Possibly, I exactly six years there will be a decision on what to
do with humanity. All of the 6072 different ant hive minds will have
a vote, or maybe several were still working out the voting system.
You know how powerful be are, if we decided on it we could do
anything. Wipe you all out, shrink you to a few micron and have you
live on us, have each of us be supreme ruler of a million or so
humans, leave just few or you on reserves, make you non sapient, wipe
your memories of us completely, move you to another planet, or even
make you into hiveminds. Its looks pretty tight for now but complete
extinction is pulling ahead, Groaco proposes that crabs would make a
better sapient species for example."

"Do we have any say in this?"

"No, but you should have some influence"


"Only a few hundred humans now about the judgement. It was decided
you wouldn't act naturally if you knew you were being judged. So I
falls to your small group of "chosen ones" to make they case for
the future of humanity you want. Many of other hive minds might be
persuaded, others won't and may even convince other humans to stop
you. The other chosen ones will have their own ideas, some directly
opposed to yours, you may have to fight them," set forth the ant.

"So what will you be voting for, and you are you anyway

"I am Agricola, I am the 3456th mind in the grand
registry,  I want to turn all the humans into small hive minds as I
don't want to lose any of you."