's 2017 Horror Write-off:

Sam Sandwitch Lost Episode

Submitted by Justin Best (email)

So you ever hear of this show called Sam Sandwich it came out in 2012 on Disney Junior, and it was about a superhero named Sam Sandwich who was a giant talking sandwich, and his sidekick was a tomato with a piece or broccoli for a head named Salad Lad.

Anyway in every episode some bad guy would tried to get kids hooked on junk food so they would feel tired, and lazy so they wouldn't want to play or exercise, and some kid named David would tell Sam Sandwich, and Salad Lad about it so they would go and stop the bad guy,

So one day I was watching Sam Sandwich videos on YouTube when I saw this one video where the title was a bunch of random numbers, and letters, and the picture was all distorted, and creepy looking.

So I clicked on it, and it seemed normal until it got to the part where Salad Lad said eating too much junk food makes you feel tired, and lazy when the kid playing David reached out through the video screen, and grabbed Sam Sandwich.

And they showed a clip of the kid playing David eating an actual sandwich while the voice of Sam Sandwich kept screaming "Oh my God he's eating me alive, Oh my god I can't feel my crust ahhh"