's 2017 Horror Write-off:

The Haunted Library

Submitted by Gareth Barsby

Enter the haunted library,
Though you may find it a mess,
All the books sit on the floor,
All of them possessed,

Every book is sentient,
With eyes and a mouth,
And all they ever talk about,
Is what they are about,

One book likes to talk about,
Her views on thoughts and dreams,
Another contains a long story,
But speaks of its many themes,

Another one's a picture book,
And for him you'll find,
He speaks very little,
But puts images in your mind,

There's a book that's critically acclaimed,
He'll constantly boast to you,
Another has low confidence,
Because of his bad reviews,

I said these books were all possessed,
They weren't always books, that's true,
There were once living people,
People like me and you,

But they died in this library,
They were killed, that's how it looks,
There was something in this library,
That trapped their souls in these books.

Years and years and years they've spent,
In this haunted room,
And each soul now thinks it is,

The book that is its tomb.

What monster could have done this?
What creature or force from Hell?
That, my friend, is one thing,
The books cannot tell.