's 2017 Horror Write-off:

The Hunter and The Creature

Submitted by Justin Best (email)

I'm a hunter. I live out in the woods way up in the mountains far from where all my friends, and family. You may be asking what do I hunt well the usual. Elk, Deer, Bears, even the occasional Wolf, or Mountain Lion.

One day in the winter I decided to go a little bit farther into the woods then I usually go. At first it was like all my other hunting trips I killed a few deer, and elk nothing special.

But then it happened. I heard a strange noise, and when I went to investigate I saw an elk that had been killed but the strangest thing was I didn't kill it. I looked at how it died, and the wound was strange I'm not sure how to describe it.

Then I heard the strange noise again only this time it sounded like it was getting closer. I don't know what sound it was but for some reason I wanted to know what it was so I snuck further to were the strange noise was coming from.

I hid by some trees, and waited, and then that's when I saw it. Some strange creature that I never saw before but one that I definitely heard stories of. Some strange being that looked like maybe it was once like us thousands or millions of years ago but evolution had somehow changed into something that was a hideous mockery of us.

I didn't know what I did but somewhere I accidentally made a noise, and the creature heard me but thank goodness couldn't see me. It made some noises trying to get my attention but I was frozen right were I stood.

On the one hand I was scared more scared then I ever was. But on the other I thought if I could kill this creature, and prove it I'd be the most famous hunter ever.

So I tried to sneak up on it but that's when I made my second mistake. I made another noise, and the creature turned around, and looked me dead center with it's eyes, and made another noise.

For what seemed like an eternity we both looked at each other, and for some strange reason I could tell it was thinking the same thing I was. That one of us was going to be the hunter, and the other the trophy.

Then we both charged at each other, and I tried to get the first hit but the creature lucked out, and I was hurt. I realized if I tried to fight the creature any longer I would die so I ran I ran as fast as my legs could.

But it seemed for nothing. The creature just kept gaining on me. Panicking I hid by some more trees, and luckily I eluded the creature but it just kept looking for me.

Luckily I found a rock, and quietly threw at off into the distance where it hit some faraway trees, and the craziest thing is it worked, and the creature looked int the direction I threw the rock.

I took my only chance, and I ran back to my home. That night I waited to see if the creature had found my home but thankfully it didn't, and I have yet to see the creature again.

I then left my cave, and traveled deep underground to where we sasquatch have been living since the surface last froze, and I told my friends, and family what happened but they thought I was crazy.

Maybe there right. Maybe I imagined the whole thing but still I learned my lesson I now stay in my usual hunting spots. But I never venture any further, I just hope I never see another human again.