's 2017 Horror Write-off:

The Pills

Submitted by Michael Fallon Alberson

Hi, just wanted to tell you I'm back in the hospital. Everybody is treating me real nice and everything. I just want to get better and come home. I see the doctor tomorrow. Good night!

I saw the doctor today. He said my condition is very common and easy to treat. He prescribed a new medication that we both believe will help me. I start it tonight. Wish me luck!

Sorry it's been awhile. I've been sleeping for two days. I dreamed my meds were talking to me. They said the orderlies were not human. I feel kinda sick.

The pills were talking to me again. They said they heard the doctors say that I was a hopeless case. Why would the doctors say that? They said I was doing great! I don't trust the doctors anymore.

My stomach is killing me. I've been vomiting blood, but the doctors just smile and nod, and tell me everything is OK. The pills won't talk to me anymore. 

The pills just talked to me again. They just told me I'm gonna die. That the doctors fed me to them. They said I will never leave. I'm sorry, goodbye!