's 2017 Horror Write-off:

The Traveler

Submitted by Fluffy The Doombringer (email)

Something was wrong. The traveler was awake. The journey was not yet complete. The tube of his cryopod popped open and he stumbled into the bowels of his ship. Almost immediately, the emergency alarms began to blare. What had happened? A pipe burst to his left, vapor hissing into the air. Several more followed in quick succession. The only reason the traveler could think of for that would be the pressure outside his vessel was changing, which meant…

His ship was in an atmosphere. He was crashing.

The impact felt longer than it lasted. The momentary weightlessness into a painful impact into the wall, set to a background of tearing metal added to what the traveler perceived as an eternity, but what his implant informed him was only 10 SCU. Less than 1 SCU later, he passed out.

When he came to, half of his ship was gone, eaten away by what his implant told him was a highly reactive atmosphere. Already he could feel his lungs burning with each breath. The ground was loose and shifted under him as he pulled himself from the wreckage. The light from the local star was blinding, and the heat was torturous.

As the traveler stood, pain flared in his leg, and he collapsed onto the dry earth. He felt a dampness on his skin and realized he was wounded. He wouldn't be able to move. To quote the wise ancients of his people, he was screwed.

But as he prepared for his fate, his implant let out a beep as it detected a passing signal. He desperately reached out, searching for its destination, and found it. His implant sent out a signal and he connected

Nickelwise, the breakdancing clown:

And that's why you should never microwave a can of whipped cream


Holy shit

Im weezing

The traveler jerked back to his own body and opened his eyes. His implant had automatically translated their language, but the effort required had made the device uncomfortably hot.

He wasn't sure what they were talking about, but they were talking, and, with any luck, they could help him.

Ignoring the pain from his failing body, the traveler closed his eyes once more and resumed the connection.


I just saw a shooting star!

Marty, king of scotch:

Nick, your stupidity never ceases to amaze me

nice, sue!






Please, I need help.

My ship crashed. I'm hurt and stranded. Please send help.




Nickelwise, the breakdancing clown:

Please don't RP in here, thanks.

The traveler didn't understand. What part of his message wasn't clear? Why weren't they helping him? He was suffering, and they were ignoring his pleas!


Please! I-


The smell of burnt flesh filled the traveler's nostrils, and a horrible pain filled his mind. His implant had overheated to the point of burning the flesh around it.

Ignoring the pain, he tried to reconnect. He felt the signal reaching its destination, and he felt it failing to connect.

What was wrong? Again he tried, and again he failed. One more time, he sent out a signal, looking for something, anyth-

The traveler's overworked implant detonated like a bomb, tearing out chunks of flesh, and burning what remained. The traveler let out a scream and collapsed on the ground. He tried to move, to do anything, but he didn't even know if his limbs were still attached.

Marty, king of scotch:

Did you ban that guy, Nick?

Nickelwise, the breakdancing clown:

Yep. Why, do you have any objections?

Marty, king of scotch:

Fuck no. Guy comes in here and starts spamming shit like that? I hope that fucker dies alone.

Nickelwise, the breakdancing clown:

A bit harsh, but I get where you're coming from.

And so, the traveler bled out, alone on the sands.