's 2017 Horror Write-off:

The Trick or Treaters

Submitted by Mr_Stickman

They always come on October 31st.

The entire neighborhood dreads their arrival. It always seems that they come up with a new way to terrorize the residents of this town.

They approach my line of the block, the dread that I feel of their arrival at my house feels like a solid block of lead inside my chest.

My doorbell rings.

I Open up my door and they say that dreaded phrase.

"Trick or treat."

One of them wears a black morph suit stained with blood and a party hat, while the other one wears nothing but an oversized pair of overalls and a clown mask.

"W-Wh-What do you want?" I stammer.

They move their heads to the side to take a look inside my house.

"The girl." they say in unison

"B-Bu-But Please!" I beg.

"It's either the girl or-"

"OKAY FINE!!" I Practically scream.

I bring out my girl to them. "I'm so, so sorry" I say to my little girl.

They then stuff her into their bag, I managed to catch a glimpse into the bag and see a 8-month old fetus and the severed head of a german shepard.

They then leave my house.

I peek outside my house and not only do I see thousands of them, but also houses that have a red X painted on their door.

May god himself help them, because they've chosen tricks.