's 2017 Horror Write-off:

The Watchers

Submitted by Mr_Stickman

It's almost neary impossible to remember life without the watchers. Which is funny because I was around when they first started popping up.

It started small at first, they were people posting on social media about being stalked, they would eventually bring it to the police but they couldn't find anything so they let it be. The description of the stalker would always be exactly the same. An individual covered entirely in black clothing wearing a featureless white mask.

By then you can guess that people would find it extremely odd and disturbing that multiple people would be stalked by the exact same individual. People would assume the most obvious possibilites. Cults, aliens, angels, demons, ect.

However it became even more serious that this stalker epidemic wasn't confined to the USA, but in fact it afflicted the entire world. Men, women, children, the eldery of all creeds and colors all had their own individual stalker.

It then soon became a full-blown national operation to capture every single stalker. I still remember when they finally caught one, it belonged to a teenage girl in Prague. The whole event was televised to the entire world, at the moment where the police officer was going to apprehend a stalker-

and his hand phased through it.

I still remember that moment of shock, which I'm fairly certain was felt across the entire world. I geuss at this point the stalkers assumed that since one of their kind was seen across the world that they didn't have to make an effort to hide themselves anymore.

Don't assume that people didn't try to get rid of them at first, they certainly tried. But whenever they did they simply phased through them just like the event on TV. I also remember that that was the period where people stopped calling them stalkers and instead called them watchers.

It was also not long before this that the website, popped up.

It was a vast library of every single individual in the world, it contained every single detail, no matter how small and insignificant of each individual.

It also wasn't a coincidence that each individual aslo had a watcher.

People assumed that since this was a website and not a incoporeal entity that it would be a piece of cake to remove. Bur as you probably guessed that wasn't the case.

When people tried to remove it the computers would either crash or contract a virus that rendered it dead. It was clear that the website was like the watchers themselves, as in no matter what people did it simply refused to go away.

It was also at this time that came into existence that the mass suicides of the elite began.

Politicans, actors, celeberties, bankers, billionares, religious leaders, were all found dead by their own hands. I suppose that proved all of those conspiracy theories to be true, and also that the elite would prefer death over facing consequence for their actions.

Which brings me to today. Every single individual has a watcher (Including Me.), it seems that when a person is born a watcher appears. As bad as it is that privacy is virtually exctinct I admit that it isn't as bad as it could be. For one there has been no report of a watcher ever harming anyone. And as much as I hate to admit this, ever since the watchers came the would has been a much better place. For one thing crime, just like privacy has become extinct, every single government in the world has become corruption-free, and my relationship with my wife has drastically improved since there's no way for us to hide anything from each other.

It seems that when people have the right to privacy, they use it to do bad things in secret, but the watchers remedy that.

From that point onward life simply continued on as normal, as if the watchers weren't even there.