's 2017 Horror Write-off:

This Is My Dog

Submitted by Anonymous

Suppose you are all alone on your bed in the middle of the night, in the dark, wide awake, and suddenly, something in your room starts moving. 

A second ago, you thought it was just another piece of furniture or a pile of clothes. But as it rises up from the ground and unfolds, you can see that it's really a tall white guy with a black cloak, with a face so pale it almost seems to be glowing.

You cannot move. You cannot scream. All you can do is watch helplessly as he is moving towards you, reaching into his cloak. Humming to himself.

He pulls out a small dog. Some sort of sighthound, perhaps.

Except it's symmetrical in entirely the wrong way. Two chests, two pairs of front legs. It got one head at the front and one at the back, or vice versa. If you can even call these things "heads", really. Except for the snout, they are completely featureless, no mouth, no eyes, no ears.

The man gently puts the dog down on your bed.

And then he starts whispering.

"This Is My Dog. This is my dog, dog, dog. This Is My Dog. 

This Is My Dog. This is my dog, dog, dog..."

Over and over again. He is dancing around in your room, never breaking eye contact. His dog is dancing, too, bobbing its heads as it walks around in circles on your bed.

Suddenly, the man stops and leans in really close.

He steps aside to reveal another creature just behind him.

It looks like a clone of you, except it is symmetrical in entirely the wrong way, standing on four arms, "staring" at you with two entirely featureless faces, except for the nose.

The man starts whispering again.

"These Are My Dogs. These are my dogs, dogs, dogs. These Are My Dogs..."

He picks up the creature on your bed, and all three disappear into the shadows. Unfortunately, you won't remember where they went, exactly.

Anyway, I'd like to show you something. This is my dog...