's 2017 Horror Write-off:

Water Cooler Talk

Submitted by Dustin H

I had just finished telling an anecdote to the guys at the water cooler.

"That was a pretty good story! Can I get you a cup of water?"

Chad was always getting water for people. I don't think he ever did any paperwork. As he began to fill the small paper cup, Chad was mumbling something.

"Did you say something Chad?" I asked.

"Can I get you a cup of water?"

"Haha yeah. Chad, I think your cup's starting to spill."

He just stared into the water cooler chanting, "Can I get you a cup of water. Can I get you a cup of water. Can I get you a cup of water."

Chad was freaking me out. I nudged him, a halfhearted attempt at making sure he was okay. He firmly planted his face against the cooler.

"Can I get you a cup of water!"

Chad was getting louder, as he pressed his face harder against the plastic jug. Air bubbles erupted within the tank. With each burst of air, the tank was getting closer to empty.

I had been so mesmerized by Chads display that I didn't notice that everyone in the office was watching him. Finally the water cooler was empty and Chad became silent. Before anyone could break the silence, the cooler began to make a gurgling sound.

Something was bubbling up into the empty water jug. The gurgle was getting louder and chad still stood motionless. Then with a loud burst, blood began to fill the cooler's jug.

Chad began to twitch and shake. His skin began to tighten as if he was being vacuformed. When the cooler jug had become full with blood and chunks, Chad collapsed to the ground. His pale withered corpse laid on the water drenched office carpet. Everyone in the office was silent.

No explanation was ever given for what happened that day. Police came and took the water cooler and we didn't get a replacement for about two months. The replacement looks exactly like the old one and most of my coworkers avoid it. On the rare occasion someone does get a cup of water, we all stop what we're doing and watch them in silence.