Via Jonathan Wojcik and Rev Storm

   It is now time for the results of our seventh write-off! Like last year, we have a little over 260 stories for you to read, enough to last you all the way to next year if you spaced them out enough!

Organizing this whole thing has become a pretty major event for both of us, though Rev now does all the actual work not only receiving, editing and sorting your entries but reading every single one of them to me, out loud, while I drive us around at night. That's basically what wintertime now means for us, driving around in the Northwest's dark, rainy, freezing cold, towering forests while your stories are narrated one by one. We have eaten far too much junk food and probably lost a lot of sleep to get through that process, especially when over 50 entries came in only the final couple days - including several of the most MASSIVE! - but each and every single one of them was fun to get through and sincerely appreciated, even if we don't have enough money to give everybody a prize.

You may notice something different this year, or at least we certainly did. There are fewer entries this year that end on a merely "scary" note, but far more that opt for either a touching, optimistic conclusion or the extreme opposite. I swear some of the entries this year are the darkest, most brutal, sometimes most hopeless we've ever gotten alongside the exceptional influx of lighter and more humorous entries, so expect some unprecedented emotional whiplash if you choose to read enough of them, and beware that when I say "CONTENT WARNING" this year, we mean themes of abuse, assault, suicide and more. I suppose not many things feel scarier than the kind of world we're living in right now, and a lot of writers are eager to either vent their frustration or try to find a little brightness in life.


- If you don't see your entry, it's an ERROR! I never exclude one without contacting the author about it first! Contact me if something is missing, and I'll try to draw special attention to it to compensate!

- Speaking of errors, some submissions were affected unpredictably by the transition from their author's computer to our submission form. We've done our best to correct all the oddities we've caught, but you may run into text walls, broken characters, stories with strange spacing issues and other inconsistencies. We will more easily catch and correct these if you inform us on THIS page (with the story titles and the errors in question!) rather than on the story comments themselves!

- If you were working on a story and didn't finish it in time, I want to see it anyway! I will even add late entries, if you're really just now finishing them up!

- If you need your story to be changed or removed, just ask! Like I said, some errors are inevitable! Authors have also been known to remove stories from the public archive so they can be submitted for publication in real books and magazines! Yeah, those still exist!

- "Creepypasta" does not mean "public domain." All of these stories are copyright their respective creators and may not be published (including youtube reads) for any kind of profit without their author's consent, so please get in touch with their respective owners if possible! Reposting these stories to a blog, wiki or forum is acceptable so long as you retain the correct author credit and links; everyone deserves recognition for their work!

- If you don't agree with the winners, that's fine! I aim to reward a diverse selection that can appeal to varying tastes and interests. Have a favorite story that didn't make the finalists, semifinalists or other special mention?

- PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS ON STORIES YOU READ! Authors love to hear what stood out to you about their work, and I love reading people's thoughts as well!

- DON'T BE RUDE! If you don't like a story, that's why there are plenty more for you to check out. If you don't like something specific about a story that truly feels important to discuss, please be respectful about it and remember that all of this is for fun.

- THESE ARE [LARGELY] HORROR STORIES! What gives one person an entertaining sense of dread can be more viscerally, personally disturbing and even entirely unfun for another; tread carefully if you're sensitive to certain topics, but don't feel bad, and don't shame or belittle anyone else for their limits. All humans have them!

- IF YOU WANTED TO WIN AND YOU DIDN'T, it doesn't mean you "weren't good" or "less good" or "failed" at anything! With hundreds of entries, it's flat-out impossible to put a special spotlight on every single one that deserves a special spotlight, and I'm happy to offer more detailed personal feedback or help promote your work if you just ask!


If your name is here, you can e-mail me for a custom t-shirt! Some sample designs are here, but feel free to ask for any artwork I've ever made! Even one of the creepypasta cookoff logos, if you want to show off! If you prefer it, you can also take the semifinalist prize of an enamel pin or a minifigure! (see below)

 Cornelius - by Allen Chew - Cornelius is something that can never, ever die, but he can still hurt, so it's a good thing mother is there to protect him. Even without the stylish illustrations, this would have earned its spot for its emotional ride. Fair warning for some of this year's darkest moments and heaviest gore.

 THE BEE KEEPER'S STORIES - The Bee Keeper wrote some excellent stories last year, and outdoes themselves this round with over a dozen entries, including the already previewed and hilariously weird Refusal of Service that we already previewed. Others range widely in length and feeling, including The Man Who Fed Eels, 'Tis the Season, Bug Nuts, Rottenfellers, When the Oceans Were Above Us, Collectors, Trawled Up, Dust, Horse Helps Owl, Grease Spoon, the City of Millenium, and finally, Way Too Spooky.

 CENTIPEDAL'S STORIES - Centipedal's Under the Bridge kind of instantly became one of our all-time favorite monster tales, and even if you aren't as big on the storytelling as we were, I don't think you're ever going to forget the monster in question. Centipedal also sent in An Arm and Some Legs, followed by An Arm and Some Legs, Redux: I Couldn’t Think of Anything Better to Name It, two exciting tales revolving around a secret organization that monitors the activities of anomalous entities, with more seemingly to come. Glow Out and Looped, finally, are another couple of creative monster encounters!

 Pig Night and Rust Belt by Spencer Farrington - we previewed Rust Belt, one of the most unsettling tales of the year, and the wildly different, unrelated Pig Night doesn't disappoint either.

 Rot World by Gene Ludwig - the bittersweet, open-ended and illustrated journal of a young child's adventures in a strange, decrepit realm.

 Lactarian by Shakara - the story of a boy who just wishes he was taller was our favorite of Shakara's stories, but The Baleful Agent is also excellent, with a clever and tragic final meaning. Don't miss other entries including Dark Winter, House Rules, Aufeis, and Bugaboo!

 Small Town Problems by Taxidermy Driver - A quaint little Irish town's bulletin board gets interesting. Increasingly, hilariously, very alarmingly interesting. The same author also submitted the more classically scary tale, The Things You See on Country Roads

  Top Ten Illegal Wrestling Moves by Thomas F. Johnson - A novel format for some dark unreality, with a clever final punch that takes full advantage of its framing device. Thomas also submitted Turbo Lovers, which manages to milk some surprisingly effective darkness from a patently absurd source of inspiration. Can you guess what that inspiration is?

 The worm. by Age - some existential, technological horror for you, and something that isn't even theoretically impossible. Some day...this could very well be you, or someone you know.

 Fulmination by Joseph Hartman - a devastating horror is unleashed by a source that's unexpected, to say the least. Hartman is also here for the already previewed Garbage Boy, and also submitted Accurst by the Sea!


While we're not made out of shirts, semifinalists this year can pick out any enamel pin or "Dr. Decay" minifigure from my etsy store. Just e-mail me with your shipping address, which story was yours, and which item you would like!

  Christendom by Saga - do you know someone named Chris? Almost everyone does! An eerie and cryptic piece of biblical weirdness. Saga also submitted Never Not There, an increasingly surreal take on being "stalked" by the same person.

  Darkedge by Gareth Barsby - a sad, strange and funny piece about a very dark, edgy villain. Gareth also submitted I Hate Snowmen, Henry's Haunted Halloween Page and The Big Emptiness After Death.

  The Worshiper's Statement by Duncan Skjaret - "weird cult" horror with a creative object of worship and an ending that feels like a good send-up of the genre.

  Amusement Park Employee no. 9488575 by Aceotaku - what are these things? What kind of "amusement park" was this? What happened to the world?! This feels like it could be a prelude to a great series, and so does the author's Red Killer Hood!

  Ned's Town by Inkstie - Ned is a good boy and he's doing a good job!!!

  Samsinater's Stories - united by a common thread, but all wildly different. Read them in whatever order you like, but I reccomend A Lesson in Arrogance first if you missed it as a preview post, then the sweetly eerie A Peaceful Eternity, followed by the bizarre monster story that is The Greatest Magician in the World and finally the more horrific and ultimately saddening It Stopped.

  The Distant Suburbs' Stories - again, no one of these stood out as the best, necessarily, but a solid set of entries that include The Tower, about a neural network's ideas of "art," Moose Lips about the new weirdest horror antagonist you'll have ever heard of, The Pancake Man about a child-eating bogey, Shower at 3 am about an awkward little situation, the already previewed Slippery Devils that brings a lighthearted attitude to a tantalizingly disturbing scenario, the hilariously warped ZOINK! and the gut-punching White Gold about the inhuman treatment of others during times of war.

  Finger Food by Donovan Caldwell - a 28 page tabletop campaign for the 5e system, with shades of The Thing and some truly inventive monsters!

  Morning Jaunt by Streicher Hennessy - you really won't see the final little twist to this coming, and surprisingly, it's not a specific twist I've ever seen done before. Hennessy also submitted the ghastly holiday tale, Up on a Rooftop!

  Curses by Saint Salt - an employee orientation at an asylum for the supernaturally cursed takes a pretty twisted turn. Saint Salt also submitted Aholic, inspired by recent events and sadly not far-fetched.

  Eldritch and its sequel, the The Eldritch Neighbor by Violia "ms" Fortune, a dose of mythical horror really brought together by the eccentric characterization of its overarching antagonist!

  Get Lich Quick by D. Sierra - both exactly what it sounds like and not at all. D. Sierra's The Damp and Marionette are much longer and less humorous than Get Lich Quick, but their pacing and atmosphere had me hanging on every single word.

  Senior Year Halloween Dance 2006 by Average Humanoid - you will never, WILL NEVER, by any stretch of the imagination, guess where this is going.

  Sam P's Stories - another case where each entry is excellent in very different ways. Virulent is a story of bio-engineering horror from the experiment's perspective, and A Summer Shanty is an entirely new, creatively modernized and much, much grimmer take on a renowned classic, with some unforgettable imagery.

  Shieldman's Stories - including the terrifying The Pilot, Summer at Fairhaven Lake, Anomalous Disease Log, A Curious Tiny Machine, The Passenger and The Participant! It's hard to say much about any of these four without spoiling what makes each as good as it is.

  We Are All Children of God and Masklophobia by Genny Doe - two imaginative, quality creature tales, different as night and day.

  Gozuforce's entries - a returning winner who submitted The Standing Stone this year, along with Sympathetic Craft and Confusing Apparition at my Apartment.

  The Goodest Dog by Åge - a strange new pet food has been flooding store shelves...where did it come from? And why do dogs seem to thrive so well on it??

  The Red Spire and The Terror at the Great Red Spire by Ellen "Space Lizard" Edwards - another returning winner from last year submits a compelling pair of glimpses into a hyper-distant future. Ellen also submitted several other hits this year, including List Click: Four Cryptids You've Never Heard of, The Old Howling House, or A Carol, Payphone, and the emotionally painful The Stalked.


Joy Traveler - A Novel by Glumdrop and The Hungry Reader - Literally, a novel, written for the cookoff over the course of more than three years. We received it only the night before finishing this archive, and therefore won't be able to finish reading it in time to give it a fair and proper winning spot, but the completion of it and its debut here is something special. If you read it through, you'll be going in as blind as I'll be. We're all going to be reading it together over the coming weeks!


New stories, sequels and continuations by finalists from previous years! While a few authors outdid themselves enough to become finalists and semifinalists all over again, everyone here has also met or exceeded the level of quality you can expect from past winners:

  Ephemeral Entity by Hisham Hasan - a unique ghost story already previewed early. Hisham also submitted more botanical horror this year in the form of The Banyan Skulker and Kick the Bucket, as well as Indie Game Testing and the fun little nautical Treasure Hunt!

  Shells by Nelke - considered for a winning spot, but we had a really tough time crunching those down this year! Shells is, fair warning, a horror story about the nature of child abuse. Nelke has submitted some of the most brutal, heart-wrenching stories we've ever had, and this is no different.

  Two Pink Lips by Dandelion Steph - a quasi-sequel to "Five Pink Fingers" from last year. Steph also sent in Mojie, Parasitoid, The Perils of Complimenting Australians, and Seeds in the Skin.

  The World of Carve: a Transcript of all the Intros and Outros by Brendan Cleary - just one big one by Cleary this year, with an exceptionally original format and imaginative characters. Is Carve really just some obscure, 1990's cartoon series that just a few people saw?

  When I Turned into a Mantis by Sam Miller - a sad little take on the Metamorphosis. Miller also continues The Boxes with Chip Dip and Worm Castle, as imaginative as you've likely come to expect from this loosely connected (or is it??) series, and finally Frozen Green.

  More Tales From the Old Country by Keetah Spacecat - A Fishing Trip, A Short Guide For City Slickers, and The Thing in the Cornfields expand on this winning series of rural weirdness!

  Nana by Cassie Heath - another of the year's darker, more melancholy entries.

  In the Dark by Rahkshasarani - is this another sad one, a funny one, or both?

  The Deadline Meeters by Jared Ludy - continuing Jared Ludy's track record for stories with a certain special kind of visceral dreadfulness I can't quite place, but don't get from a lot of other writers.

  An Hour's Reflection by Nausicaa Harris - a fantastic science fiction narrative rich with wildly inhuman characters and speculative alien culture!

  Blight by Huw Saunders - a tale of weird biological horror with a classic, pulpy feel and some juicy creature horror.

  The Gang by Lycandelphinid - one of the year's funniest. I feel like many of us have considered an interpretation like this. The same author submitted Alternate Universe!


90 Seconds - by John Bell - Four tendrils were sticking out of the faucet, two white and two red.

A Collection of Remarkable and Anomalous Field Notes (Entry 1) - by Chris Gleason - April 29, 1998 Liberia - An elderly man, accompanied by his three children, appeared at a Médecins Sans Frontières clinic in Robertsport requesting the evaluation and removal of his left eye.

A collection of wares - by squidpizza - I was browsing the internet one day, when I saw an advert for "Godsend Arcana."

A Curious Tiny Machine - by Shieldman - There are places in the woods where the crickets and birds are silent.

A diagnosis - by John Sanders - The way Dan explains it, I think I’m confident in my diagnosis that weird shit is going down with his body.

A fear of spiders - by Derpghost - I’ve never liked spiders.

A Forceful Quilt - by Winnifred Wexford - Inside the Museum's collection, outside of the public eye, there is a curious relic that all interns are regularly bullied into interacting with.

A Good and Godly Maiden - by David Haire - A Good and Godly MaidenThe Diary of Agatha HargraveNovember 18th- Father was cross with me today.

A Good Pet - by Derpghost - My doggy's nice!

A guide to a Reward - by Jac R. B. - Hello.

A Guide to Find Me - by Jac R. B. - If you are reading this book, it means you have not only collected each book, but youve collected their objects.

A guide to find what i Need - by Jac R. B. - If youve found this book it means that youve decided to undergo the tasks given and are interested in the reward, or perhaps you are simply curious, either way, you should know that you may still put this book down and live a normal life afterwards.

A guide to find what Ive held - by Jac R. B. - If youve found this book it means that youve decided to undergo the tasks given and are interested in the reward, or perhaps you are simply curious, either way, you should know that you may still put this book down and live a normal life afterwards.

A Guide to find what Ive Left - by Jac R. B. - If youve found this book it means that youve decided to undergo the tasks given and are interested in the reward, or perhaps you are simply curious, either way, you should know that you may still put this book down and live a normal life afterwards.

A Lesson in Arrogance - by Samsinater - I made, in the span of about a minute, a complete mental rundown what I assumed must have already occurred to me for the past... I don't know, a thousand tries at least.

A New Driver - by Mitchell Bennink - The “raincoat” was wrapped to cover everything, like a bat with folded wings, even the face beneath the brim of the hat. It was like a bundle of clothes that started walking.

A Peaceful Eternity - by Samsinater - Did you know that time is a person? Not a human person, I don't think, like you or me, but still the thinking, very much alive kind.

A Series of Legal Pads Discovered in my Car Trunk - by George Parkins - Legal pad 1, Day Eight (give or take):If you're reading this, I hope you're in sane places.

A Summer Shanty - by Sam P. - “What is it then? Am I to be visited by three ghosts to teach me the meaning of materialism or whatever that trash was about?”

“No, Mr. Morgan. You don’t get ghosts. You get worse.”

A Very Vegan Thanksgiving - by Jacob Roberts - He leaned over and held the wrinkled pamphlet in front of Brian’s splotchy face. On the front was a picture of a young woman offering a handful of dark, loamy soil to a child.

Accurst by the Sea - by Joseph Hartman - Accurst could live for an astonishingly long time, considering the nature of their condition. This was not a mercy. Some said that the curses themselves emboldened their bodies somehow, if only to prolong their suffering.

The Advert - by Rook Lankin - Another morning commute and she is leering at me again, exactly like yesterday.

AHOLIC - by saint salt - The next President of the United States has no political experience.

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked - by Martín N. Aguilar - So, I take it you’re the kid who’s been going ‘round asking about Dustcreek, uh? Heard the stories? Got spooked? Nah, ya ain’t spooked.

Alternate Universe - by Lycandelphinid - Gilbert crashed through the woods, not bothering with finding a path, making a beeline for the impact site.

Amikuk - by Jenne Kaivo - The amikuk swims through the tundra as smooth as the sea and it makes no disturbance no wake of sod furrowed in Vs as its fin breaks the surface.

Amusement Park Employee No. 9488575 - by aceotaku - The Park was dark, empty and cold, with not even a single person visiting the park in years.

An Arm and Some Legs - by Centipedal/Jackson Gilbert - The weirdest thing has been happening in the shipping yard over the past week.

An Arm and Some Legs, Redux: I Couldn’t Think of Anything Better to Name It - by Centipedal/Jackson Gilbert - Nancy of the City Slickers was on the prowl.

An Hour’s Reflection - by Nausicaa Harris - So, here’s a story.

And Now I'm Soup and Now She's Eating Me - by Cameron Rhode Kil Fetter - I will never sleep again.

Angels of Connecticut: Collected Accounts - by Monkeysky - 1995: "My older brother used to show me a drawing on the wall of an alley on the way to our school, black ink over brownish-yellow brick.

Annie Anderson's Cookbook for New Homemakers, page 352 - by Mars B. - The aspiring homemaker must know how to impress her guests in a pinch! This is a perfect entree alongside our “Lickety-Split” appetizers to wow the crowd!

Anomalous Disease Log, Part 7 - by Shieldman - It begins with a thin layer of ice. It forms on the patient's exposed mucous membranes, namely the nose, mouth, and tear ducts.

The Ant - by Actual Identity/Jan Czarnecki - They called him the Captain.

Anybody, please! - by HareTrinity - John had been searching this town for hours, but had found no one.

The Apartment - by Mitchell Bennink - The creature placed it’s claw on the man’s head, he barely shifted. Then, the vine thing slithered up and shoved its tendrils into the man’s face. It was plugging the man’s nose and mouth.

Archival Transcript: What the Well-Dressed Man is Wearing - Issue 57, November 1973, Featured Article - by Jack Graves - A New Party Trend: Will It Capture The Heart of the Public?

Argooville - by Justin Best - Ever since I was a kid, I was a fan of Cartoon Network.

At the Top of the Stairs - by C. Lonnquist - [CONTENT WARNING - SEVERE SUBJECT MATTER] It is at the top of the stairs and wanting me.

Aufeis - by Shakara - The further North you go, the colder it gets.

Aut-Roillet Ite Ira - by Xionahri - The parade was nearly past me, when one of the singers noticed my hiding place. With wild gesturing he yelled something at the other sheep, causing them to stop.

Awkward Day - by Anonymous - [MINOR SEXUAL CONTENT] Scurvies were among the weirdest monsters: roughly oblong, but never moving in ways that'd be logically fit for such anatomy

Back to basics - by Anonymous - Lumpy, jelly-like creature shuddered:- Either way, that's plain disgusting.

The Baleful Agent - by Shakara - I am born before I know it, before I know what is, what was and what shall be.

The Banyan Skulker - by Hisham Hasan - Most of the ficus trees in our neighborhood were huge banyans and stranglers.

Beards - by Zach Metz - Ted Butler had a very strange beard.

The Bed - by The Bee Keeper - The Bed I don't understand where all these weeds have come from?

Between Walls - by Robin Cristiano - [MINOR SEXUAL CONTENT] It was two weeks ago when I first heard the voice from behind the wall.

The Big Emptiness After Death - by Gareth Barsby - I couldn’t get out of my grave fast enough.

Blight - by Huw Saunders - They shall call me mad - have judged me mad before the eyes of the world - but know that I am a man of science, and in truth it WAS NOT I who killed Doctor Gareth Wilds that day upon The Devil's Kitchen.

The Blockage - by Inkstie - We were always told to never leave the colony, stay within the walls and ignore any information coming from the outside world unless it was important to the safety of the people.

Body - by Jac R. B. - "I grow tired of this body.

THE BODY OF A PIG - by Sabedile - I have the body of a pig, my darling dear.

Book of Alesanderia - by Monita R. - At the start, my schizophrenia was a relatively mild case.

Bored - by Samuel Peterson - Today isn't a very interesting day.

The Boxes: Chip Dip - by Sam Miller - One time I woke up, it was the middle of the night, and I could see the moon through my window, but it was way bigger than I thought it was before I fell asleep and... strangely yellow.

The Boxes: Worm Castle - by Sam Miller - The hunched old farmer drags his wheelbarrow full of barley up the smooth stone ramp leading up to the great looming door to the castle-keep, grunting and struggling to pull its weight up the smooth surface.

Bug Nuts - by The Bee Keeper - You know those little gifts people give you when they can't figure out what to get you? Well, I got one of those.

Bugaboo - by Shakara - I’m not afraid of the bogeyman, That is plain to see

Chicken Yard Sinkholes - by Justin Best - They weren’t sure what it was other than it was green, flat, seemed to have a segmented body with round marble like purple eyes around its body, and had either tentacles or vines sticking out.

Christendom - by Saga - Do you know someone named Chris? Everybody knows a Chris.

Christmas Day - by nowhereman - [CONTENT WARNING - SEVERE SUBJECT MATTER] My eyes shot open, reflexively tightened up and looked towards the door.

Cigarettes - by Rook Lankin - Back when I was still in school, I got a summer job tending the parking lot of a little farmer's market.

The City of Millennium - by The Bee Keeper - A piercing vibration rattled my ears and reverberated through my jaws, as I held the bear close to my face.

Cloaradia - by Lillian Kurtz - Everything was normal.

Collectors - by The Bee Keeper - Collectors Me mum sent me out to go to our neighbor's house.

Comeback Tour - by Miranda - April Jaimes’ death is sudden, tragic, embarrassing, and totally out of line with her public image. Most importantly, there are five years left on her contract.

Confrontation at an Inn - by Emergence - The sun was just setting as Strand’s train arrived at the seaside town.

Confusing apparition at my apartment - by gozuforce - You know, I enjoy living in an old building's attic turned apartment, I really do.

Consultants - by Martín N. Aguilar - There are many varieties of cell at the Warehouse, depending on what you’re trying to keep there and for how long.

Cosmoil - by Anonymous Anomaly - A dull silver shape oozed along the sick darkness.

Crevice Creeper - by Crocuta Borealis - How do.

curses - by saint salt - “The people here have the most dangerous curses of anybody in St. Clara,” the mayor said. “Sooner or later, one of them will break out, and it will be your job to handle it.”

The Damp - by D. Sierra - It all started with just a wet spot.

Dark Winter - by Shakara - The night is cold and damp.

Darkedge - by Gareth Barsby - ‘Another victory for Team Universe!’ The gigantic green lizard that minutes earlier had been terrorising the citizens of Planet Fargleblarg, now lay dead in a plain, purple blood dripping from its carcass.

Dave - by BC - Good evening what a perfect full moon night to hold a Solstice with all our friends together in the wonderful… what? … Were is Gamela? Well my friends that is an interesting tale and though I know many of you have heard parts of this story before and you will have to hear it again to get the entire picture of why she will not be coming back for a while and is living closely with humans.

The Deadline Meeters - by Jared Ludy - As the children shuffled out of class to lunch, their teacher stopped the last one before they were out the door.

Dust - by The Bee Keeper - Dust "Ugh, Rusty (Reynolds Stiffener von Wiffle, but nobody calls him that.

E.T.: Nocturnal Fear - by Ben Aron - This is a story about when I was a young lad and I had a terrible fear of aliens. I just could not stand them.

Each - by Samuel Peterson - though they were clear upon first forming, each arm and leg quickly clouded until they matched the hue of her body, just like her head had.

Early bird - by Coral - 12 years too early and already you begin rotting before your time.

Edited For Safety - by G S Beetle - The book lay on the floor, pages stiff with dried wine and other, less important fluids.

Eldritch - by Viola "Ms" Fortune - The third day, he would look at each animal in the neighborhood, counting out loud, with numbers inconsistent to the animals he was looking at.

The Eldritch Neighbor - by Viola "Ms" Fortune - He always slunk everywhere, really, like he wasn't comfortable in his own skin, like he was always...crouching. Suppose he was, in a way.

Entity 02 - by EbrithilBowser - I've withdrawn myself from all those lifeforms dotting the universe.

Ephemeral Entity - by Hisham Hasan - I used to work at a certain high-class hotel.

Errant - by squidpizza - The night you died.

Even Christ - by Blackmouth Cur - Almost all of her body was encased in a plaster cast. I saw that her left hand, her eyes, and her mouth were exposed. On her chapped lips, characters from runic alphabets unknown to me made dark furrows.

Every Night I Heard Him - by Jac R. B. - Every night i would hear him.

Exit 18 - by Scott - Another stupid traffic jam.

The Feelings Game - by Delcat - Now, can you draw how it feels?

Finger Food - by Donovan Caldwell - This entry consists of a 28 page PDF tabletop adventure, compatible with D&D 5e rules!

For I Myself Saw The Sibyl - by Eve Q - Her mouth is just too small these days, Lil says, too dry as well.

Frooty - by Samuel Peterson - Soft, pink candy.

Frozen Green - by Sam Miller - With the terribly bright sun balefully glowing over the whole of the world unendingly, the explorer and his entourage crest a snowy hill in the vast Antarctic landscape, scanning the wide horizon behind thick goggles and warm clothing.

Fulmination - by Joseph Hartman - It began with love, as most disasters do.

The Gang - by Lycandelphinid - I was finally caught.

Garbage Boy - by Joseph Hartman - He was the most delicate boy I'd ever met.

Get Lich Quick - by D. Sierra - In a hard enough streak of bad luck, any way out looks tempting.

Ghost Pregnant - by Ben Aron - [SEXUAL CONTENT] I’m a lonely guy.

Glow-Out - by Centipedal/Jackson Gilbert - Tim and I ran like hell down the street, illuminated by the orange glow of the streetlights.

Good evening - by Coral - Good evening, little larva.

The goodest dog - by Åge - «All dogs are good dogs.

Grease Spoon - by The Bee Keeper - "Can you tell me about this sauce?" Nope.

Great Tits - by Jenne Kaivo - They thought they were dealing with a serial killer at first.

The Greatest Magician in the World - by Samsinater - I always thought magic would be so much cooler if it were real.

Groceries - by Robert Swanson - You’re coming back from a quick midday grocery run.

Hatching Eggs - by Harold Riggs - The rest of the chicken fetus pours out of the egg, and I’m aware that the thing sprawled on my frying pan is far too big to have come from the dripping shell in m hand.

Hatsuyume - by Luna Raydue - HATSUYUMEEntry #1 - 01/01Last night, I had a really strange, vivid dream.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS DOG - by Mary Fluker - HAVE YOU SEEN THIS DOG?! Masterful in the art of caninity, this magnificent beast outshines the best of them.

He can not see - by Anonymous - Each day I walk past the local food market to my night job I see a man standing by the edge of the market, everything about him is normal except for his face.

Heart attack - by enderlord99 - I'm not having a heart attack.

HeartBeatAcademyReadMe.txt - by Sara Fontanini - Thank you for downloading Heartbeat Academy!   Heartbeat Academy is a wonderful dating sim wherein you attend the titular school and romance one of #()@(#$_ students.

Helldonism - by Anonymous Anomaly - The woman’s mangled corpse wormed through a crack in the door.

Henry’s Haunted Halloween Page - by Gareth Barsby - Have you ever wished your favourite holiday lasted longer than it did? Did you ever wish for it come sooner or more often? When I was young, my favourite holiday was Halloween, so much so that I would be thinking of the holiday all throughout the year.

The Holder of the Now - by Jenne Kaivo - Take yourself down to any maternity ward in any town anywhere in the world.

Horse Helps Owl - by The Bee Keeper - Horse Helps Owl My plat was finished.

The house across the street still has their pumpkins out - by A. J Bevan - The house across the road from us still has their pumpkins out, lying all floppy and damp on the porch- their eye sockets have begun to sag and their mouths pucker and wrinkle, soft hair growing atop their ever decaying forms.

House Rules - by Shakara - Evidence found in Sector 409.

Howling Hall - by James B. Davis - Everyone knows about Howling Hall, it’s the urban legend in my town.

Hungry Moon - by John Sanders - When it first appeared, no one knew what to call it.

The Hungry Nutcracker - by Daniel Hale - “Do you really want your finger back?” asked the nutcracker. “I suppose you’ll need all of them, if you ever want to keep her away from you.”

Hurt My Feelings - by Derpghost - I was sick of it.

I Hope Isaac Laughs in Heaven - by Eve Q - Image!

I get headaches - by Kirby Mongerr - I get headaches.

I Guess I Have to Put Goo in My Brain Now - by Fyre - So says the doc.

I Hate Snowmen - by Gareth Barsby - In fact, I hate everything related to snowmen.

I want to Don't want to wake up - by Kirby Mongerr - The version of my sister that knew what was happening gets touched from a version that doesn’t. She stiffens and falls. Her skin will go cold. She won’t respond to anything.

In The Dark - by Rahkshasarani - The hitchhiker tapped his fingers on the window.

In motion - by Vitor Lanna - A tree branched was swaying outside, until it finally hit the window, waking me up.

Indie Game Testing - by Hisham Hasan - Bug Report Log #1225 Version 101.

It Stopped - by Samsinater - Time, I mean.

Joy Traveler - A Novel by Glumdrop and The Hungry Reader - Some of our readers may be bemused by the thought of having to explain game streamers, but others are less immersed in the Internet's growing body of culture than its authors are.

Kick the Bucket - by Hisham Hasan - I, Francis Alexander Penkin, write this in order to shed light on the death of Orvin Steiner.

Lactarian - by Shakara - “It’s moo-licious!”

The Last Thoughts of John Doe - by James B. Davis - The seed in my mind will no doubt sprout soon.

Let Me Help - by Dave Lernerr - Rebecca came in to the lobby.

The Life I Thought I Had - by Jenne Kaivo - There's a night the moon went red in a life I thought I had.

Listclick: Four cryptids you've never heard of! - by Ellen "Space Lizard" Edwards - Everyone knows Bigfoot and Nessie, and you may have heard of the Mothman of West Virginia, but there's a whole world of cryptids out there.

Little Thing - by Ozaenin - I ask the little thing, with their skin so pale, pale as the moon on a black as coal night, pale as an eggshell not yet shattered, pale as the bones sticking out of the tar, How did I get here? I don't know says the little thing.

Looking For Group - by Mai Wisdom - "Now, I bet you're wondering why I've called you here today.

Looped - by Centipedal/Jackson Gilbert - Ok, I’ve officially lost track of how many times this thing has got me.

The Man Who Fed Eels - by The Bee Keeper - The Man Who Fed Eels (Contains explicit nudity.

Marionette - by D. Sierra - Have you ever heard of saturation diving? It’s a way to let divers work in the deep ocean for extended amounts of time.

Masklophobia - by Genny Doe - I hated kids, I hated feeling suffocated, I had a mild phobia of mascot costumes, and I hated life in general. Yet there I was, getting paid to stand around for five hours in a Spongebob Squarepants suit

Menagerie - by D-Pad - (This one is a string of mini-stories with a common theme, and they're all great!)

Milk bones - by Halcyon - The screen showed a man in the bathroom, standing before a mirror. Perfect timing for a serial killer to jump up from behind and take the man down. But...the man did something different. He lifted up his shirt and showed a....perfectly smooth chest.

The Milkman - by Sadler Prine - I’d like to begin this little memoir with a proper introduction my name is Albert Denson.

Mojie - by Dandelion Steph - “From Katanyagi”, the card said.

The Moon is Drooling - by Robin Cristiano - The forest was getting denser, and though the season was summer, the air remained frigid.

Moose Lips - by The Distant Suburbs - Moose lips are extremely dexterous.

Morning Jaunt - by Streicher Hennessy - The spider-like mascot was wearing a backwards baseball hat, which Harold thought was a nice touch. Pouring it into one of the dirty bowls from the cupboard, he was not surprised to see slivers of glass and building insulation fiber tumble out.

Mrs. Badger and Mrs. Otter - by Anonymous - I come from the hill and I'm coming to get you.

My Root Cellar - by Justin Best - My name is Curtis Winslow, I’m 41 years old.

Nana - by Cassie Heath - Hello! My name’s Sophie.

Neds Town - by Inkstie - There it was, a big wooden sign with the phrase “Neds Town” written over now non-identifiable words in splattered orange paint.

Need Directions? - by What a Fine Holiday - Don’t dally too long in there, I here da toads have been congregating again. Yep, Uncle Sam’s sons haven’t broken dat little parliament of toads up yet. Hopefully da frogs and dem toads don’t start another rabble with each; Lord knows after St.Louie, we don’t want dat happening again.

Never Not There - by Saga - I've been seeing a strange man lately.

New Behavior - by John Sanders - Back in the late 2010s, we all thought it was amazing when whales began luring fish into their mouths by just sitting there with their mouths open, letting fish “hide” in there from birds.

New circle - by Anonymous - Her body felt colder and colder with each passing minute, as if the heat was concentrating somewhere in her chest.

The Next Twelve Letters - by C. Lonnquist - The Next Twelve Letters After the other letters, the thirteenth was regarded as a bit of a letdown at first.

The Night Before Halloween II - by Jim the Fish - 'Twas twelve twenty-four, and the hour was late, Countless creatures still stirred, but just one vertebrate

Normal Dog - by Anonymous - I've never been much of a dog person.

Normal family - by Halcyon - A short, weird idea I had.

Not Not - by Monkeysky - Don't read this.

Oberon - by Dia - They say it’s his little finger in there. His little finger squirmin’ in the bottom of your brain and wigglin’ down the nerve in your spine.

Obligate Rules - by Samuel Peterson - I'm trapped in a loop, repeating the same few hours over and over again, and nobody knows it except me.

Obsidian Mountains Eternal - by Miranda - The boy hero of the Obsidian Mountains Eternal is leaned against the scratched and grimy bus window, watching the buildings go by.

The Offspring - by Caswell Jude - James wasn’t ready to procreate yet.

The Old Howling House, or: A Carol - by Ellen Spacelizards - That house on the corner always scared him.

The Old Lighthouse - by Randy - Arthur watched the worn road carefully as he drove his rental car over the rough terrain, occasionally glancing at his map to make sure that he was on the right path.

Old Wizard Chyo - by John Sanders - The Wizened Wizard Whizzes Lizards.

On A Clear Day - by Cassie Heath - You can see France from my living room window on a clear day.

On Dealing with Those from Elsewhere: A Reminder - by Phoebonica - One that finds joy in human painMay tire quickly of its game,While one that wounds in spite or rageMay find that fury flares and fades.

Once You Pop... - by THE LESBIATHAN - Lord Elritch Markolf carefully sat down at his elegant table in an effort to not disturb his esteemed guest, whom sat across from him.

One Story for Enid - by Eldritchhat - “She was always a shrew,” Gerald said, he struck a match from the book beneath his coattails.

Only Ethereal - by Allen Chew - "Vast, isn't it?" my grandfather said.

Out the Door - by Jacob Boles - A comic!

Outsourcing - by Delcat - She retrieves and places on a white platform nine small, sharp pieces of broken glass. They are colored in white and blue, ridged on the edges. .

The pancake man - by The Distant Suburbs - So anyway, in some parts of the world, it is a really bad idea to live in a single family home, but if there is no way around it, at least make sure that none of the bedrooms are on the ground floor.

Parasitoid - by Dandelion Steph - I see from her eyes, but I am not her.

The Participant - by Shieldman - "UH-OH! LOOKS LIKE KI'AH IS ALMOST THREE QUARTERS OF THE WAY THERE!" A voice boomed across the sky, hitting Barry's ears in ways that didn't quite match what he heard.

The Passenger - by Shieldman - We started calling it "the passenger".

Past the Oaken Door - by Sinneli - Past the oaken door, there is my editor in chief.

Pastiche - by Grimtalon - … The camera wobbled as it was set on the ground.

Payphone - by Ellen "Space Lizard" Edwards - If you ever come across a phone booth that still stands, on some deserted street corner, a relic too unimportant to remember to destroy, and you hear it ringing: do not answer it.

The Perils of Complimenting Australians - by Dandelion Steph - Depending on who you asked, it was either very, very late, or very, very early.

pH - by Jasper Belknap - I’ve always had cravings.

Pig Night - by Spencer Farrington - Whatever happened to the old Pig Night? And then he thought about something, something that made him quite uneasy- what the hell was Pig Night, anyway? He sure as hell never heard about it when he was a kid, but he must’ve celebrated it- it was Pig Night!

The Pilot - by Shieldman - "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.

The Pond in Blair Nelson Park - by Jenna Crawford - “I think someone lives in the retention pond.

The Precious Monster - by Jenne, Age 4 - Once upon a time there was a precious monster.

Precursors - by C. M. Kosemen - Every old house in our city had stone tubs – built into the foundation of the structures. I was a young man when I learnt of their origins; and through that, of the Precursors.

Proadation - by Charred Newt - I know what I saw and it wasn't because of the dark.

Rain man - by Anonymous - It has been raining a lot these weeks, though the water does form puddles anywhere, day after day it still rains, will it ever stop raining? People are starting to disappear every three days, no discernible connection or relations can be seen amongst them except for the fact that they all went outside for a walk without an umbrella.

Ready, player Terra? - by Halcyon - "...I still get the creeps when you do this. But I know it's normal for you kind. Just like you find it odd how we humans can't do it."

Red Killer Hood - by aceotaku - Ladies, Gentlemen, children, animals, others.

RED RIPE JOHNNY - by Sabedile - Red Ripe Johnny had a pair of eyes that shone like hot coals in the night.

The Red Spire - by Ellen "Space Lizard" Edwards - One night in a sleepy little suburb in the outward reaches of Chicagoland, an impossible spire rose.

Refusal of Service - by The Bee Keeper - Refusal of Service It was pouring cats n' dogs as I drove the winding roads back home from the Christmas party.

Roomspace - by Charred Newt - Desmond's sleepy sunday morning was suddenly interrupted by a hail of knocks on his door.

Rot World - by Gene Ludwig - My name is Vikki Sanchez and I am 8 years old.

Rotten Fellers - by The Bee Keeper - Rotten Fellers (Warning contains references to domestic violence.

Runner's High - by Hugo A Gomez - Even now they are still runing.

Rust Belt - by Spencer Farrington - I can’t see anything.

SCARE RECORD - by Anonymous - I found the record in an old chest of comic books when I was thirteen.

THE SCAFFOLD'S VAMPIRE - by Sabedile - It was never more than a job before he tasted his first drop.

Seeds in the Skin - by Dandelion Steph - Pat, pat.

Self - by Verity Aron -  It started with my last my birthday, I think.

Senior Year Halloween Dance 2006 - by Average Humanoid - You see your crush across the auditorium.

shells - by Nelke - [CONTENT WARNING - ABUSE] “We are just empty vessels for the evil in the world to fill”, she would say.

Show's Over - by D-Pad - Greetings, Earthlings! I am Korblak, ringmaster of Korblak’s Intergalactic Circus! On behalf of our fine performers, I’d like to thank you all for enjoying our flying saucer show.

Shower at 3 a.m. - by The Distant Suburbs - At this time of night, where silence reigns, every single drop of water sounds like the impact of a bullet.

Slippery Devils - by The Distant Suburbs - „Pretty, ain’t it“, the guide said, gesturing towards the street behind her.

Small Town Problems - by Taxidermy Driver - A series of notes written on the notice board in a small Irish town called ‘Donncrann’.

Someone like me - by Hugo A Gomez - a scientist lays dead in his workshop, a strange apparatus in his head, and in his face was and expression of pure terror...

Spirit Engine - by Miranda - In March, before it gets too hot to tolerate, they all make their way out to the desert, somewhere between Las Vegas and Area 51.

Sports - by DisconcertedWombat - "Hey Dad!""Hey, Ken.

The Stalked - by Ellen "Space Lizard" Edwards - They found bodies outside the walls.

Stand-ins - by Kiara Maher - "Let me guess," I say, "There are no more horses so you were hired on short notice to fill in?"

The Standing Stone - by Gozuforce - My family lived in a house on the north-western coast of France, in a region called Brittany.

The Storm - by Anonymous - Sinéad’s Journal – Please return if lost.

The strangers down the long lonesome roads. - by Coral - There are many names for them: Strangers, outsiders, demons, extra-dimensionals, worms, ghosts, hollow men, and figments.

String Theory - by Samuel Peterson - We're all on strings, did you know that? A lot of people don't! They can't see them, stretching infinitely into the sky above, usually with a little slack, and leading who-knows-where.

Summer at Fairhaven Lake - by Shieldman - I remember the way the dock felt as I sat on it.

Sweet Girl - by Ness - He needed to be with her.

The Swimming Man - by Charred Newt - There was a story going around the web, not too long ago.

Sympathetic craft - by gozuforce - He was starting to lose patience.

'Tis the Season - by The Bee Keeper - 'Tis the Season This Yule tide was very special indeed.

Tales from the Old Country: A Fishing Trip - by Keetah Spacecat - Rivers can be deceptively calm.

Tales from the Old Country: A Short Guide for City Slickers - by Keetah Spacecat - In my stories about home, I often state the importance of following the strict set of rules that dictate life in the country.

Tales from the Old Country: The Thing in the Cornfields - by Keetah Spacecat - In the country, cornfields outnumber everything.

The Terror at the Great Red Spire - by Ellen "Space Lizard" Edwards - Jaklosta 5-B, 8900RMaybe you are right, Nabaliosta.

The Things You See on Country Roads - by Taxidermy Driver - I don’t like driving in the countryside.

Through A Tiny Window - by Jac R. B. - Its time.

Tokusatsu Man - by I Am The Kaiju King - The day I escaped was the day I lost control of my body.

Top Ten Illegal Wrestling Moves - by King Kaiser, Republished With Permission by Thomas F. Johnson - Hey ya smarkin bastards, it’s me the Royal Rampage King Kaizer, and I’m sure you’ve all heard of wrestling moves too hot for the leagues.

The tower - by The Distant Suburbs - I’ve always been skeptical of procedurally generated art.

Transcription of the Thompson Posts - by John Sanders - The following is a transcription of selected blog posts by George Thompson.

Transmedia - by Eve Q - [Record of content on the deleted Instagram account “”, owned by Elisabeth “Beth” Caputo. Images have been removed, although descriptions have been provided; captions, comments, and dates remain.]

Trawled Up - by The Bee Keeper - Trawled Up Me pater's been trawling shrimp on these shallow fog blanketed shores since he was a toddler, tromping after his father, me grand pater, who also trawled these frigid silvery waters just like his pater before him and so on.

Treasure Hunt - by Hisham Hasan - It was overgrown with algae and sponges and even a few corals and hydroids, but they failed to obscure the instantly recognizable outline of a huge treasure chest.

Turbo Lovers - by Thomas F. Johnson - The car's headlights illuminate the sign on the metal fence.

Two Pink Lips - by Dandelion Steph - The finger minion, with a quick bow, scurried off. It didn't try to crudely imitate the shape of a man, instead scuffling like a shrew among the leaf litter. .

Under the Bridge - by Centipedal/Jackson Gilbert - Charlie Smith walked to the edge of the small cliff and looked at the old stone bridge.

Up on a Rooftop - by Streicher Hennessy - It was not going to be a very good Christmas this year for our daughter, present wise.

Vacuum Hour - by Corduroy G - Most days I would remember to wear earplugs duringvacuum hour, however, sometimes forgetfulness gets the best of us, especiallywhen vacuum hour happens to be at two in the morning.

Virulent - by Sam P. - I was born in a glass womb.

VIXI Twilight - by Eden Kurova - VIXI Twilight The maze itself was a mystery.

Way Too Spooky - by The Bee Keeper - You look down the dusty corridor.

We Are All Children Of God - by Genny Doe - I quite like church service.

weird town. - by mollis - It starts out slowly.

Welcome Home. - by Spencer G. - You ever heard of a windbreak? No, not the tacky neon vomit affair your mom gave you when you were 13.

When I Turned Into a Mantis - by Sam Miller - I open my eyes and see the morning light streaming through my bedroom window.

When the Oceans were Above Us - by The Bee Keeper - When the Oceans were Above Us "I awoke drenched in sweat, screaming silently at my bedside table.

white gold - by The Distant Suburbs - [CONTENT WARNING] When I heard there was a new war in the east, I immediately smelled a business opportunity.

The World Of Carve: A Transcript of all the Intros and Outros - by Brendan Cleary - Dear TCRe: I finally finished it!This is wild, it’s been years but I can still hear this in his voice.

The worm. - by Age - [09/10/18 - 12:41] bonglord: lol[09/10/18 - 12:42] bonglord: apparently admins dont have a word filter[09/10/18 - 12:43] bonglord: so i could spam the general chat with whatever i want[09/10/18 - 12:43] bonglord: not gonna do that though[09/10/18 - 12:45]: lol[09/10/18 - 12:46] bonglord: dont want them to know my trick B)[09/10/18 - 13:25] [Friend request accepted.

The Worshiper's Statement - by Duncan Skjaret - You will forgive me for being brief with details.

ZOINK! - by The Distant Suburbs - Given my rare set of skills, it is safe to say that I have worked in some… unusual places.




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